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    Healthcare professional but steroid neophyte's first cycle

    The shedding stopped almost immediately. Went from losing 3-4 strands every time i brushed my hand through my hair to losing 0 within 2 days. I was only taking 1mg daily. Didn’t notice any side effects either.
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    Healthcare professional but steroid neophyte's first cycle

    I got a script for Finasteride and BP meds on my first cycle. unfortunately pretty prone to hair shedding going above 300mgs of test. I didn’t go above 350mgs on my cycle.
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    New Lab Testing

    That’s awesome man you’re doing everyone favors
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    At what point did you decide you were going to blast and cruise?

    Yep lol. I’ll be blasting and cruising for a little while.
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    Azteca Gold added 6 NEW PRODUCTS!!

    Great news 👍 I’m glad i caught the last BOGO
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    New Member

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    New member

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    What gear is legit

    Pretty much any sponsor here is gtg… check the sponsor forums. There are plenty of sources here that I have never seen have anything negative posted about them.
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    Hair loss

    Finasteride has worked great for me. I noticed significant shedding about a month after starting my cycle and Finasteride brought it to a normal level. No sides either thankfully. I also use a ketoconazole shampoo.
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    FNG here

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    ISO Liver Advice, NEW

    Sounds like a smart thing to do! dosages?
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    ISO Liver Advice, NEW

    I take 1 gram of NAC in the AM and PM for liver support. I have also heard tudca is effective. I'd also agree with everyone else here about running test instead.
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    Estrogen concern

    what did you change about the asin??? that makes a world of difference with your estrogen stability
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    Estrogen concern

    my thoughts exactly
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    Estrogen concern

    I don't really have any wisdom here... but are you sure your estrogen is actually stable at 22? I would think 25mgs of aromasin daily would have it lower.
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    Estrogen concern

    Have you ran tren before?
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    Estrogen concern

    I feel fine with my estrogen at 19... I wouldn't consider 22 to be crashed.
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    Estrogen concern

    What does your cycle look like?