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    HGH storage

    Straight from the pharmacy fridge to my fridge
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    Colon cancer??

    Colon cancer at 32 is very rare. Get a fecal occult blood test.
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    What are you planning to run your next offseason ?

    Thanks brother, in a few years ill run one like yours!. Regarding the GH do you or any member of the boards know if there is in fact a big difference between running it IM vs SC? Ive been told by a doctor in pharmacology that running SQ i would lose around 30% of the product, running IM i would...
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    How bad is this?? Bicep tendon

    Hey Brother, im a Physician , although Orthopedic Surgery it is not my area of craft , I can send your exam results to a few Orthopedic friends and have their opinion. I do believe that in your case, being physically active, surgery is needed
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    New member

    Thank you all
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    What are you planning to run your next offseason ?

    My first real bulking cycle: 500 test E 400 primo Pondering on HGH 4 units a day
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    New member

    Hello all, New member from Brazil, 39 years old just finishing a year and a half cut. Went from 270lbs to around 205lbs at 6 feet. Always been active, jiu-jitsu and a boxer. Weight lifting wise i have been on and off the gym since my teens but nothing serious until this cut I have done tons of...