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    Test and deca effecting kidneys?

    BUN and GFR are manipulated in blood work by so many factors. So is creatinine. I’ve had suspect numbers returned in my blood test that resulted in my doctor prescribing an ultrasound because he was concerned and this was before I even took gear. Really you should see a nephrologist to get...
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    They finally got caught? Admitted to the lies?

    Jpal was awesome, nothing but good experience and wish him well
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    Long cycles?

    Ah you’ll just destroy it again. Like my shoulder, every cycle I tell myself I’m going to take it easy and lift responsibly, then I get in the gym and it all goes out the window and I’m left with rotator pain again. Too damn stubborn and stupid.
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    Always thought tren was the X factor. Bulk and cut at the same time. I know when I take it my weight goes up, vascular, and my waist stays consistent. Can’t sleep worth a hell though.
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    Long cycles?

    Run 8 weeks on 8 weeks off all year long. Sometimes my off is a bit longer than 8 weeks because of recovery time. After 8 weeks on test/tren and the dieting, it’s all I can handle anymore. In the beginning I *use* to find myself looking forward to being on cycle, now I actually look forward to...
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    I’ve had it happen twice on cycles (nor19’s for me is what does it) where I was late with my ai. Soreness on one side only and a lump that went away when I cycled off. I would recommend to take the full amount of time off cycle before starting again so it goes away. For pct I don’t run hcg...
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    Cycle Questions

    I agree with dropping Var if you’re bulking. I would add Provi instead, goes well with Tren…actually goes well with anything imo
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    Blood work 14 days in Test/DBol from painful nipples

    Same thing happens to me and sarms or ai don’t seem to help. Pull bloods and everything looks normal. My last cycle (test/tren/provi) only my left nipple was sore and my right was fine. I don’t get it, so I just stopped using asin and nolva (except for pct). I don’t want to take them if they’re...
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    Does tren mess with your kidneys or liver?

    Actually now that you mention it, when I use to take vitamins, same thing happens, dark yellow pee so maybe that’s not necessarily a negative indicator.
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    Does tren mess with your kidneys or liver?

    Definitely loved my first cycle of Tren and considering another run. Only real sides I got from it was like previous poster stated, my pee was always yellow. No matter how much water I drank and with support. Also my bp went from 118 to 140. Next cycle is either test/tren/provi or test/deca/dbol
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    Cycle duration question

    Thank you, that helps clear it up.
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    Cycle duration question

    I’ve run several cycles and the one thing I’ve always wondered, and maybe it’s not such a big deal, is when does a cycle officially begin and when does it end? Is it the first time it enters your system or when you begin to feel the results, like long esters about 4 weeks for me. So if I say...
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    2nd cycle -best for mass/strength with reality from 1st cycle

    If taking test c + dbol do you have to wait the 4 weeks or so for the long ester before starting dbol or can you just take it first pin?
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    Wife gives you an ultimatum...what do you do?

    If your bp is good and bloodwork is good, I’d explain to her that if anything ever changes with your health negatively, you would commit to scaling back or quitting completely. I don’t necessarily need my wife giving me an ultimatum when my health is the main concern. Sounds like she just...
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    Next Cycle thoughts

    Thanks for the great advice. Think I’m going to take some time off from the gym. Last cycle was intense for me. Also thanks Vision for the as always great detailed info.
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    Next Cycle thoughts

    I recently ended a 12 week cycle of tren. It was my first tren cycle and I feel like it went well. Only real sides I had was elevated bp and night sweats. For bp I took carditone twice a day and it helped keep my top number in the 120’s. My weekly doses were 500mg test c and 400mg tren e. Also...
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    Cycle or cruise?

    I guess it’s settled then, just going to cruise and blast. What would be a normal time frame for being done cruising then and beginning a blast cycle? Normally I would cycle off for 2-4 months before getting back on, to let my body fully recover. Since I won’t be doing that, do I really need to...
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    Cycle or cruise?

    Curious, I know there are people who believe in cycling and people who (at later ages) thinks it’s better never to cycle off. I’m 50 and a cycle for me is 200 mg test c e3d and recently I’ve been taking 250iu hcg e3d. Normal cycle would be 12 weeks on 12 weeks off. Pct is generally just...
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    Dbol half life

    Awesome, will give it a go. Thank you.
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    Dbol half life

    Ok so on days I lift, one in the am and one 45 min pwo, days I don’t lift just am and pm? - - - Updated - - - What about days you don’t train?