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    Any minimum? Thanks

    Any minimum? Thanks
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    Igf lr3

    Ive also had the best results during cruise periods. Also not much difference between 50mcg and 100mcg. i would pin before last two sets. It made me lean and full but not much in the way of muscle growth.
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    Check out this kid running a mile.

    extra points for being pale skinned- haha. impressive though
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    TNE Oil vs water based

    thats pretty spot on with my experience as well- pre work out water based is the way to go
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    TNE Oil vs water based

    thats pretty spot on with my experience as well- pre work out water based is the way to go
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    Proviron dose

    100 mg a day is tits-it doesnt put much size on but when im on a heavy blast i feel ten times better. It can get expensive though- i like 25 to 50mg on a cruise
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    Dbol vs Anavar vs Superdrol

    You ever try proviron when cruising? 25 to 50 mg is the sweet spot for me. It makes me feel a shit ton better than just test alone it - especially after a hefty blast. Only downside is it can get pricey depending on your dose
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    Dbol vs Anavar vs Superdrol

    i get pretty bad back pumps- water and taurine helps a ton. I also get lethargic as fuck by week two. shitty appetite also. I try and keep my runs to no longer than 4 weeks and thats plenty of time to get good results.
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    Dbol vs Anavar vs Superdrol

    superdrol hands down. The sides can be brutal depending on the dose. for me anything above 20mg was too much ( thats with legit superdrol though). Real anavar is the shit its just hard to justify the cost
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    blueprint labs have turned scammers

    add in some test e 500 and your good to go!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather pin twice as much than suffer on a high dose blend- fuck that kind of PIP- wheelchair status
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    Tren Base Half Life?

    Did it fuck with your sleep at all?
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    Thank you, Team Green

    be careful with the halo- strong shit right there- im a very calm and chill person and it had me turn into the incredible hulk- ay halo is the the real deal
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    First green TD!

    In the 900 range- the hard part in finding the right frequency since its a pretty long ester- it can build up over time- also smooth thru a slin pin
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    First green TD!

    You ever try her test decoanate for cruising? I love it- 0.75 ml every 7 days has my blood levels perfict and its also nice to take a break from pinning all the time
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    Ay touchdown

    Ive been using the dbol/abomb blend with some good ol tpa and love it- Amazing shit
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    Need tips for traps and bi's like this guy

    Whats even worse than mr. oil bags is the fucking people who think its actual muscle!
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    Gym Rants

    I swear every gym has to have one to two dudes with invisible lat syndrome- that shit looks so fucking stupid! put your arms down! If these fucks put the same effort into actual lifting they wouldnt have to walk around like ass clowns.
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    Smoking weed & training

    Once you go dabs its hard to go back- haha. Its real easy to build up tolerence though, a little bit goes along way. A gram last me a month or longer
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    pinning tren subq

    It depends bro- some dont get the welts at all. Id start with low dose to test the waters or you could always split the dose- left and right side- .25 per pin
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    pinning tren subq

    .5 ml and can leave sum nasty red lumps or welts for people. 0.4 ml is my sweet spot also. I usually only do a month sub q then switch back to muscle