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    The Mad Shitter

    Buddy of mine used to help clean a bar and said the same thing. Not sure they are blowing it up like your dude but sanitary items were apparently popular things to be left around randomly
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    Service dog in the gym

    Yep, never even a blip from the trainers dogs. Well trained animals and their trainers are pretty impressive to watch. Our current heeler goes with us a lot of places but not anywhere like that generally. She's a free pooper and she drops wherever she feels the urge so she is confined to the...
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    Service dog in the gym

    Girl at my local gym used to bring dogs she was training into the gym. They would just stay where she told them to and never even knew they were there. On the flip side of that, a guy who used to run an Anytime gym around here brought his cross eyed pug nose something or other to the gym with...
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    Chick with a big pussy

    I had my volume down, had to go watch again. That shit is crazy
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    Chick with a big pussy

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    How often do you shave?

    Every day. Truthfully though I'm too old an lazy to be bothered trying to get it to grow. I remember when my youngest brother hit 16/17 and was puffing out his chest about needing to shave so much already... now he's in his 30s and bitches because he has to shave every day lol. I just have to...
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    How often do you shave?

    Believe me.. I've tried.. shave November has always been a failure. I can grow a stache and the chin and both are light. Full goatee is no go. So I just shave with my wahl trimmers and have a 10 o'clock shadow for few days and might get to a 12 o'clock shadow by the fifth day. Then I get a...
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    How often do you shave?

    I'm the seventh hairless wonder of the world... every handful of days here and there when I feel like it or have a random whisker annoying my lip. Have a head of hair still, but sure as hell can't grow a beard. As annoying as I find a whisker getting too long and stabbing the corner of my lip...
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    Bullets, Barrels, and BEEF!

    Love my 308 RPR I like trying bourbons, Angels Envy is my fav of late And a good marbled ribeye is by far my favorite cut of beef. Medium rare, edging toward rare but enough medium to get that fat melting, don't ruin that thing
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    Wtf did I just hear.

    Clown world. I can't believe some of the shit happening is really real
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    And just like that, I'm ok with police brutality...

    The best part of that might have been when the heavy blond chic took a shot at the cop then look surprised and started to whine when she got smoked :roflmao:
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    One Of Our Brothers is Hurting

    My condolences and prayers for you and your family @tommygunz
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    Ive said this for well over 15 years...

    My sister in law holds that her moms cancer was a direct result of her choice to start using only artificial sweeteners. Sugar, stevia or monkfruit are pretty much what I stick with, I've always watched ingredients like that. I'll grab an energy drink every once in a while, probably haven't...
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    Newly used Street Drug - Xylazine, or "tranq

    da fuk is wrong with people to want to try this shit. I will say upfront I've never been addicted or had an addictive personality even really, never been in a place in life that I ever wanted to try anything more than a little mary. I understand addiction is real, I just have no...
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    Arizona AUDIT **Official Thread**

    I'm glad I started ignoring you two idiots, I took the show hidden click bait just to see if anything has changed... it hasn't.
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    Trans Movement

    I did a web search for a map service I was digging into... one of the hits that came up was something about "minor attracted person". Fuck this normalization shit happening all around
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    Would you date/have sex with a woman who received the covid vaccination?

    Damn. Saturday night to early Monday morning.. 221 posts. I skimmed back a couple pages and never got to anything relating to the OP. Nazis, Jews, brief physique war, Kerry King is a body builder. This thread looks like an interesting one to have missed
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    All these hooker jokes…

    Went to a strip club with a buddy once when we took a vendor out and my buddy was all about being able to put your whatever wherever in the private dance rooms and I was like welp I'll just sit here at the bar and keep clean lol. My buddy also spent a lot of time with hookers so I didn't trust...
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    Trump Indictment 2

    LOL. That is one thing we can definitely agree on