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    New member, 44 on TRT and post spinal fusion, here to learn

    My advice is to keep your testosterone dosage low, and add more effective compounds with less side effects on top. Example: I am hairloss prone. If I ran 250mg Test year round, I'd lose all my hair within two years. I noticed that after 6 months of that dose. It was WW3 on my hair...
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    RussianStar Peptides BUNK (Not Addy)

    Read what I posted. You don't seem too fond of me posting it, so go ahead and buy from RussianStarPeptides. I don't care, my dude. You're in here chopping this discussion's balls off by fixating on the compound that I ordered from them. Are you brand fucking new to owning a business? This...
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    RussianStar Peptides BUNK (Not Addy)

    This review is concerning a source that is primarily in the business of supplying bodybuilding related compounds. This is not for discussing the use cases or science behind pharmaceutical adderall, or alternatived. Yes the shit has destructive potential, and most people should avoid it if at...
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    RussianStar Peptides BUNK (Not Addy)

    Its definitely not Modafinil or any analogue of the fluoro or chloro varieties. My best guess would be some super shitty version of caffeine. If you go to a oharmacy and buy Brok-aid, you will be leaps and bounds closer addy than whatever these goons sent. This bullshit absolutely...
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    RussianStar Peptides BUNK (Not Addy)

    Yeah I go to Walgreens and haven't been able to get my script filled. It was such a pain and zero success that I stopped trying. This is widespread, actually. The government limits how much of it can be manufactured in a year, but telehealth during the oandemic caused a skyrocket in how many...
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    RussianStar Peptides BUNK (Not Addy)

    Yeah I know. They're also primarily involved in bodybuilding products. The connection I'm making is that this source (a primarily bodybuilding source) sells bunk stuff. Its also not recreational. I am prescribed Adderall, but the pharmacies do not have it. They are not a trustworthy company...
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    RussianStar Peptides BUNK (Not Addy)

    Hey guys I tried out a new source: RussianStar Peptides. My only reason for trying them out is because no pharmacy near me has been able to fill my script for adderall. I thought "oh cool, I can get by on this addy from them, until the shortage stops." Very wrong. I have no idea what they...
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    Cardarine + what stim ?

    I found I have strong and long lasting appetite suppression from 250mg of 4 Fluoro Mofafinil. It is stronger than normal modafinil, and it lasts like 13 hours. Definitely take that right away when you wake up or you will ruon your sleep schedule. Addy used to suppress my appetite but it oddly...
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    Should I take HCG while on test 300 mg a week?

    You can start HCG whenever you want. The goal is to make sure your balls are ready to make testosterone. I would add HCG in the entire cycle if it were me. But you could get your balls functional again if you start like 3 weeks before you come off. I'd run that HCG at least 6 weeks, starting...
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    Should I take HCG while on test 300 mg a week?

    Yeah any amount of any Androgenic Anabolic Steroid injection will shut you down pretty quickly. Like, within a short few days you will have zero natural testosterone production. Even if you just run 100mg test per week, you will have Shutdown and testicular atrophy.
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    Should I take HCG while on test 300 mg a week?

    I like running HCG and I feel better on it. I do about 700 IU per week, as I do believe running high amounts of HCG will desensitize your testical's leydig cells. Also for somebody who plans on coming off of cycle, yes I definitely say run it. Testicular atrophy is not good for your balls. It...
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    Swiss Chems

    Swisschems is probably the most legit well-known source for that stuff since science bio shut down. Their prices are high though! And I've heard gymtonic has legit stuff. Definitely go with him if he has it, and swisschems would be if I needed something he doesnt have. Support the forum!
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    MK 677 vs LGD 4033

    8mg of LGD, and 15mg of MK677 is a great thing to add to TRT. Way better results and less side effects (hairloss) than bumping TRT up from 180mg to 300mg.
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    Legs training

    I really hate training legs more than most people do. To deal with that, I have been doing a light leg workout at the end of every gym session. 2 sets to failure on whatever compound movement seems like a good move that day. 6 or 8 sets until failure every week, good enough for me.
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    250mg of test don’t feel anything

    You're not going to feel anything major while on 250mg test. You'll just feel good more often and for longer. Hegh end of normal libido. If you want to feel something quickly, get Superdrol or DMZ. Anadrol works good too, but sounds like you'd grow boobs with your high e2, and anadrols...
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    Been a while, need some help

    Big shortage on US pharma adderall. Its very cumbersome and exoensive and unreliable.
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    Tesofensine Experiment/Experience

    .5mg every day. Stopped taking after 6 days, because I realized I didnt have enough of it on hand to give it a proper run.
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    Tesofensine Experiment/Experience

    Day 5(ish) Uodate: I have noticed that I do have an easier time ignoring hunger. My hunger has gone from an irresistable urge, and moved closer to being something that I am merely aware of. I have noticed any dramatic effects, other than adderall's effects seeming to last longer.
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    Tesofensine Experiment/Experience

    My main goal was to replace adderall with it. Addy is bad news and messes eith the same systems just more potently and via indirect mechanisms. So far, tesofensine is not doing enough for me.