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    Damn impressive!

    not supposed to be posting pictures I believe, but yea, they are damn good and it takes a lot for me to say that about a service. legit shit that hits quick. fuck yea.
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    the right stuff, damn proper service

    title says it all. acelabs is pro.
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    over 15 days

    Some more feedback... Got my order in less then a week and they even included bonus item cheers
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    sup meatheads

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    How to know if a source is legit? (Will update with product review)

    Extremely new to pinning game. I'll update this thread with review cheers
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    Who is still wearing a mask?

    Masks are done for in AZ... But had someone tell me to put one over my nose in a music store the other day, just took it off and walked out LOL.
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    All about hgh

    IGF-1 + HGH is really anabolic I've found, but a great way to make yourself insulin resistant.
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    If you've had any experience with ordering with them, please let me know or PM me. Seen them on eroid, not to inclined to trust eroids though.
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    How to know if a source is legit? (Will update with product review)

    Thinking of buying from domestic-supply right now, is the shipping really less then a week? How do you know if a source is legit, and do sources ever sponsor users on this forum of other forums like evo??? I guess since I am able to immediately post a thread, I trust this website. Ill update...