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    Throbbing boners

    Take a look at MuscleShop Phama cialis. At age 58 only 5 mgs does the job for me
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    Welcome brother. At 55 putting on 27 pounds of Muscle it’s going to be little challenging on your diet, joints, tendon and the gear you have to take for that. Be careful and safe brother.
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    Proviron question

    Deca and tren you might want to look into caber
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    Ever have a prostate exam?

    They stopped doing the finger exam about 10 years ago. Blood work is done now and if they see something suspicious like elevated PSA than they go to the finger. At least that's what my doc said.
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    What is the highest amount of t3 you used?

    It’s like driving a Ferrari with a Pinto engine. What good ia it to have a beautiful physic when you are killing your self
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    Water Intake

    Guaranteed I finish one gallon per day. For my height and weight that’s plenty. Down side at my age as soon as I leave the bathroom I have to go back again
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    Test questions

    ^^^^^^ This. Feelings mean nothing unless you do your bloods and get to the root cause.
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    Helmut strebl wtf?!?

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    Helmut strebl wtf?!?

    On TRT 200mg of test C weekly
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    Tren...What's the Negatives One's Needs to Know..!!

    For me NPP doesn't work. I am always cutting and staying lean. When I take NPP at very low dose I am hungry 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Great compound but makes me eat which doesn't work with my goals.
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    Helmut strebl wtf?!?

    Thank you bro but I am not in the same league. This guy is out of this world. Talk about all macros down to the T. It will take tremendous amount of work to get bodyfat that low and maintain muscles and nice physic. Very hard work.
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    Tren...What's the Negatives One's Needs to Know..!!

    Excellent topic brother. I do think Tren is over hyped, but than again if you do what you are supposed to do right it makes a heck of a difference. Also, I think you can achieve pretty close results like tren with other compounds if the combinations, dosage, diet and cardio is in check. At the...
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    OK..Person Record's..And Whatever Were You Taking..??

    Shoot looking at some of these numbers here I am chicken fingers compared to these guys.
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    OK..Person Record's..And Whatever Were You Taking..??

    At age 30 I was on 500mg of sust and 20mg of Halo. at 183 pounds 345 bench 1 rep clean no assist. 435 squat for 5 reps. That is the most I have ever done.
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    age and time between sets?

    Based on my life style, low dosage gear use, wanting to stay lean, dry and shredded I always start with one hour cardio. Right after I hit the weights about 4 to 5 sets x 4 per body part with very minimum rest in between. I don't lift heavy. High reps and the weight is enough that I can do 12 to...
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    Genlabs any good?

    Just wondering if you ever tried brother. Any feed back?
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    Lowered Prices ! Domestic ! New Website

    Thank you my friend. You know what to do if you have any questions.
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    Your Muscle Shop TD

    Thank you my brother. That Genlab Clen is excellent. I am not sure how much you plan on running but for me 40mcg plus 50mcg of t3 does the job. Enjoy friend.
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    Who would like to be coached by me and sponsored by Hammer & Bell?

    Outstanding opportunity brothers.
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    Just putting the work in. (More pics)

    Outstanding progress brother keep it going.