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    Looking for advice from vets

    This is what i look like, and i feel like im stuck here. Have been for like a little over a year. I know how to eat properly. My sleep is on point. Ive paid for diet plans from pro bodybuilders in the past and learned plenty over the years about proper diet/training, and am still constantly...
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    Looking for advice from vets

    any advice on which compounds i should introduce?
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    Looking for advice from vets

    Guys lol, i said "i could if i wanted too" i dont eat 8K calories a day, i was making a point. I can eat plenty so my intake is on point.
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    Looking for advice from vets

    i said "i could if i wanted too", but if i do that ill get fat. Generally i eat 5000 per day or so. Im not sure if my body is just way too accustomed to the gear.
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    Looking for advice from vets

    You know how some restaurants will take a pic on of you and put it on their wall if you finish a certain amount of food in a short period of time. Ive got my face on 3 restaurants. Generally i eat like 5000 Calories a day.
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    Looking for advice from vets

    Jesus your a beast 🦍 💪 ill PM you, any advice is much appreciated
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    Looking for advice from vets

    Dude get your depressing ass out of here
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    Looking for advice from vets

    Im 6'4, 235 LB ive been cruising for about 7 weeks now, so i gained a bit of fat (my fault). I look my best at 225lb, usually when im blasting. at 225 im like 11% BF according to the machine at my gym. Also, i promise you i can eat 8K calories haha. Luckily i have a big appetite, always did.
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    Looking for advice from vets

    My point was, if im going to pay someone to be my coach, id need to see what they look like. I think im in the right place as people here have always given me good advice and were extremely welcoming, unlike your grumpy old self. Obviously i know that most dudes here know what they are doing...
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    Looking for advice from vets

    Hi guy, wanted some advice from people that have been juicing for 15+ years. Ive been Juicing for 7 years now (im 29). I started off cycling then like 4 years ago leaned towards blasting and cruising, cruise dose was 180mg test per week. Id cruise for 12 weeks usually. There were 2 occasions...
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    Gear church is #1

    Started a Test E/Deca/Tren E Cycle 6 weeks ago, with anadrol to kickstart. Weight went from 235lb to 250lb (im 6'4), added like 50lb to my bench. Was almost out of gear bc im an idiot and didn't count how many vials i had left, placed an order and got it within xxx days. Have been using GC for...
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    Thank you GC

    yeah I’ve been on 100mg of anandrol for like 16 days, I went from 221 lb to 236, shit is insane. And the sides aren’t too bad. Usually I can’t sleep on anadrol but this time it’s not that bad.
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    Thank you GC

    Just wanted to write this post to thank gear church for being dope as fuck. I switched to GC like 7 or 8 months ago when gorilla farm went out of commission. So far i have done their Tren E/Test E/ Deca/ Clen/Anadrol/Cialis. (2 cycles total) The liquids are smooth as fuck, and im pinning a...
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    What happened to gorilla farm?

    Haven’t been here for a while bc I order in bulk, but what happened to gorilla farm? The website is down. It’s not in the forums :((( I’ve been using them for 4+ years. What the hell am I suppose to do? FUCK! they have done me justice for so long, now what. Am I gotta have to try out like 3...
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    Craziest Thing Said During Sex

    "i can feel your cock pulsing in my pussy" that was hands down funniest/weirdest shit said to me.
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    The jew in me

    Im actually jewish and i can't agree more!
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    Noob kid on the block

    welcome man, I'm just as new as you are, ASF is full of great stuff and people to learn from man! seriously take advantage !!
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    Have a Blessed Day!

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    4 Mistakes to Gaining Muscle & Losing Fat

    Good Read great info
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    MUSIC needed!!!!

    Look up "blue stahli". Solid workout music (meant for gaming though)