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    Liver support

    I use liver and organ defender from 5% nutrition.
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    I’ve made it about 3 weeks straight on just carnivore. I feel amazing, fat drops off but then I get tired of not having something other than meat and I cave. Next I’m going to try and make it a month and see how I feel.
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    Air Fryer

    We have the small Ninja air fryer bought on Amazon. Haven’t used it for anything “healthy” like steak or chicken yet but that was the intent on buying it. It makes some kick ass jalapeño poppers and cheese sticks though we’ve found.
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    Whats a keto diet?

    I followed the book “Carb Nite Solutions” the first time I did Keto and that method worked well for me. I got to have a cheat meal every week or so and gave me something to look forward to.