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    Silverback Labs, grab a list

    It's the least I can do bro! Also those extra 2mls in each vial really went a long way this past year and I cruise on 500 and 1000mg like it's trt!😂
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    Silverback Labs, grab a list

    I support this message fully! I depend on these guys for a crucial part of this lifestyle we all live and love. I wouldn't even bother being a bodybuilder without guys like this! The natty life sucks!😉
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    $Save Big with this months SB Labs Special$

    I ordered this month's special Sunday evening and received it today. Really like SB Labs. I think they're out of the 12ml vials but it's still a great deal. I won't need test for a year or so now! Can't wait to place my next order for all the fun stuff I wanna stack on the next couple blasts!
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    Threesomes: Do they strengthen or weaken relationships?

    I was totally expecting this thread to be everyone acting all alpha going "fuck yeah, I'll fuck two bitches at the same time!" but it actually ended up being way more honest. We're all pretty big musclebound dudes and shit so I don't feel intimidated by another guy if I'm in a threesome with him...
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    Threesomes: Do they strengthen or weaken relationships?

    Especially on tren!🤣
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    SB Labs- JJDigs on Vacation

    Enjoy your vacation JJ!!
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    SB Labs-Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads

    Happy Father's day guys! I'm not doing shit today! Not as much cause it's Father's day but more so cause I tweaked my shoulder pretty bad benching with my son Thursday and my left traps been messed up for a few weeks now. I have to really force myself to take it easy but the last couple days...
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    SB Labs TD Pics and feedback

    Wanna say thanks to Sb. These guys are top notch! Helped me repeatedly and patiently. I'm definitely loyal to these guys!
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    Gun to Ur Head: U can do 3 exercises for the rest of ur life: What are they gunna be?

    I'm laughing but that's kind of what I'd wanna pick too!
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    Doses, orals and libido

    Also natural or exogenous hormones are always fluctuating. On or off cycle sometimes I'm horny as fuck, bang the wife twice and still jerk it and might go 3 days like that and then I might have almost no sex drive for a few days. I do take cialis every day or two also. Not to mention in my 2...
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    Q&A thread

    I ordered superdrol 10 mg from a sponsor at another forum a few weeks ago 100 10 mg tabs. Maybe the only oral I haven't used and supposed to be the strongest so I was really excited to try it. 99% sure mines fake. Been taking it twice a day for a couple weeks and nothing. R
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    Q&A thread

    I just started a couple weeks ago. Just cutting my grass in shorts and no shirt and 2 sessions in the tanning bed and I'm getting compliments on my tan. 100 mcg about 30 minutes before exposure. Haven't noticed any extra hard ons but I take cialis also. Have notice some nausea for several hours.
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    New to forum

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
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    Favorite Gym Apparel Brand?

    Ryderwear makes some nice stringers and other clothes. I second Jed North. Physique bodywear are probably my favorite cut of stringers. Sorry guys but I'm one of those guys that pretty much exclusively wears a stringer in the gym. Even on leg day😂. I work too hard to have a little combat of size...
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    New to forum

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    New to forum

    Just introducing myself. Not new to gear. 45 yo, 5'7", 200lbs, 13ish% body. Bodybuilding is my hobby and passion and pretty much what my life revolves around outside of work and my family.