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    Happy Easter You Fifthly

    Happy Easter
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    Bible Thread

    I'm pretty simple my only question is how come we gotta have mosquitoes
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    Bible Thread

    I watched it. I believe it is a useful tool for sharing the gospel but I will say read your Bible and draw your own thoughts and beliefs. Not knocking the show I did enjoy it and it does make you think
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    What shoes are you wearing?

    Converse. Chuck taylors
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    Opening morning

    Who's hunting today
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    New member saying hi

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    Fuck the healthcare system

    I have no words. Be assured I will pray for you
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    Bible Thread

    Surgery went well now 8 weeks recovery thanks for all the prayers
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    Heart attack

    Will be praying
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    Bible Thread

    Pray for me today I'm going to talk to my surgeon about my to t4 to surgery
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    Work hours per week

    84 hrs a week for me but only about 12 years til I retire
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    Bible Thread

    True she became a great follower of Christ. The fact that she had a questionable past should give us all hope . We also have a past we may not be proud of but thanks to Jesus we also have a future we can look forward to
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    Bible Thread

    In revelation we see an angel of the Lord flying through the whole earth proclaiming. Do not take the mark of the beast or bow down to the image. So I believe all the earth will be given a chance to accept or not
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    What Were You To BE..??

    Having kids makes a person grow up. Until I had kids life was something I just made it through. My life was a train wreck. Then I had a family and a purpose. The Lord turned me around and I became a productive servant for his kingdom. But eventually we all become what we are supposed to be
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    Bible Thread

    Yes you rely on the Lord for blessing. But a farmer isn't blessed with a great harvest unless he has planted his field.
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    Bible Thread

    I agree. Israel was and is God's chosen people . the Bible says those who bless he will bless and those who curse will be cursed. We should always be a friend of Israel
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    Bible Thread

    I believe that Jesus could come at any moment. I just pray that all of my friends and family are ready. The Tribulation period is no joke. One day the Lord will come with a trump and the voice of an arch angel to call up believers and Those left behind will have to endure 7 years of...
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    Happy fathers day

    Happy Father's day to all
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    Somebody, how can I build muscle mass quickly?

    Yes eat more. I was the 97 lb weakling when I was younger. Took me years to gain weight. When you think you are full eat 500 calories more
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    Do any of you believe in demons?