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    Talking with your Doctor about your cycle

    LOL i figured. Funny thing when you start reading about this stuff you end up on you tube and every thing you see says let your doctor know, under a doctors supervision. ect. never really thought about people getting denied insurance
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    Well heres my training, critique me

    well that's 5 minutes i can't get back :(
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    Talking with your Doctor about your cycle

    Do you guys let your trt clinic know?
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    Ever have a prostate exam?

    Went to get mine, was all paranoid. Then she was like um we just do bloodwork for that. I was like well I just got 3 showers for nothing
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    Boobies and Booties!! 2.0

    why the do i open this thread in the middle of the day fuckn fuck
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    Best AAS for mental well being

    Cheque Drops
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    question about my labs and diet/lifting effects on t levels

    Thanks max and I really like the clinic I deal with. I def think about hgh but something kinda steers me away. Idk. I have been contemplating the hcg or at least coming off for a while. I like to keep the boys working and I have read it helps with some other hormones. I have thought about...
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    question about my labs and diet/lifting effects on t levels

    Hey guys, Just got some labs back and maybe some can help with a few questions. first labs are 3 injections/wk test cyp totaling 160 mg and 800 iu hcg 3x/week also labs were taken in trough . So then my clinic upped my dose to 180/week leaving hcg the same. was also prescribed oxandralone but...
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    Remember this from your childhood?

    Haha totally remember.. For some reason that brought back memories of Captain Planet lol
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    New member

    Welcome !
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    Why it is so impossible for people to make it...

    What state do you pay property tax on a vehicle? That’s insanity
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    Hints if You're Not Sure You're OLD

    When you don’t care where you piss… I remember my dad picking me up one time and just straight pulled off the side of the road to piss.. 30 years later I’m like ya gotta go ya gotta go
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    If you were to guess…

    How do you think the weight on hammer strength machines compares to the barbell counterpart. Same? 80% 60%?? I’m basically curious because having the one arm gimped up I’m using the hammer strength bench. I’m up to 125 for reps on my right side.. no laughing either 😡 I will say as I get heavier...
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    Who has trained unilaterally through an injury

    Just wondered who else has trained one side while the other healed from an injury and what ur experiences were. ‘I have been getting my training in while I recover from bicep and rotator cuff surgery and honestly it’s not bad. For anyone that has done this for a while did you find that you got...
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    How did u pull it together

    This thread has helped tremendously in pulling together a solid 4-5 days. Reading some of the stuff you guys have been through makes my stuff sound almost tame. its Been more just not handling my responsibilities as I should letting some stupid victim mindset get the best of me, getting home...
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    How did u pull it together

    all the advice here is solid, thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond, it really helps just to hear someone tell yea to get after it. Its been a rough few months but today was a was good and I’m Feeling good about tomorrow thanks again to all of you
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    How did u pull it together

    Just what it says. Guys that been in a bad place how did u get ur shit together? I eat good during the Day, lift hard but life’s not the best right now and I just can’t seem to string 2 good days together. If anyone’s been down a bad road I’d appreciate some input. This obviously pertains to...
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    First anavar cycle

    Your inbox is fuller than mines been in 10 Years lol
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    7 Health Benefits of Celery Juice

    I juiced ages ago and celery juice and carrots were always the main ingredients. Thinking about getting another juicer to help with getting a little more nutrients in the diet.
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    I struggle with #2 so bad that I'm thinking of getting some versa grips to help out.