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    SP Labs Super Tren

    Yea I never bought SP products but every lab test I ever saw for balkan was always spot on. Every balkan product I ever got was great!
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    SP Labs Super Tren

    SP labs has been around a long time. They are like a sister company to balkan pharma which has been around even longer and has been top notch for many years.
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    I ran SB labs Anavar 50s when they were on sales a few months back. They worked great. Everything with SB is worry free.
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    Low dose DHB

    Currently running low dose of 50mg SB labs DHB every other day with 200mg of test. Bought it a month or two ago. Loving it so far. I was worried it would be painful. I mix it with my test cyp in the syringe and haven’t had any pain so far. I’m always amazed at how well SB labs does everything...
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    Tren Ace

    I’m taking 50mg every other day with great results. I would start low. I like the dose I’m at a lot.
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    Record timing!

    Just got tracking less then x hour after sending my order in. That’s a new record for me with SB. Going give the DHB a shot!
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    SB Labs HPLC results DHB

    Glad to see this! I just ordered a vial to give it a shot.
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    October Special

    That is a great deal. Hard to beat that.
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    Want to get blood work done

    I want to get my blood work done. I do have health insurance but I figured if I do it through my doc it may not be as detailed as I want and will probably just take longer. Also will have to answer some questions lol not that I really care. I did some searching in old threads and saw a few...
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    Tren Ace

    I am starting to see why people love Tren so much. I’m on week 4 of 6 of SB’s Tren Ace at just 50mg every other day. Also running 500mg of test cyp. Man I thought test made me hornier then any other compound but Tren certainly has that beat. This was my first time running it. Only down sides...
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    Thoughts on Tren?

    Yea sorry should’ve mentioned that. I’m using test cyp. I love Cyp and like that I only pin it twice a week as opposed to like every other day. Even though I’m already pinning the tren ace every other day I just like the least amount of oil per shot.
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    Anavar timing?

    I think most would agree it’s best to keep you’re levels stabilized through out the day instead of high in the morning and low in the evening. Just to see the best results.
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    Thoughts on Tren?

    I would not go off peoples research and lean more toward peoples experience. A lot of the fear comes up people echoing something they heard about tren from someone else that has never taken it. It definitely is not for everyone but I really think people like continuing the Tren fear cycle. I...
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    Another order 💪

    Just received my 4th order from SB labs. Got tracking 10 hours after I paid. Needless to say it arrived fast. I’ve tried like 7 of there products and everything has been beyond great. Just wanted to give credit where credits due!
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    Favorite test Esther?

    I prefer cyp just cause it’s kind of stood the test of time and is usually the go to for most. I did just grab a bottle of test prop from SB. I’ve never pinned prop so I’m excited to give that a shot.
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    I’m not worthy of a price list

    Go with SB labs. They are my go to. I’m on like my 5th order. Literally get tracking in like 12 hours. You can’t beat that! Prices are good. Vials are overfilled. They run sales all the time. If they don’t have something I need, I use Drugs gear. Who is very fast too.
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    Triple Tren's Halo Review

    Yea I hear you. I’m on tren ace now at 150mg a week. Low dose but I love it. Around week 4 though is when the sweats and headaches start to get worse for me. Have to drink more water then I’ve ever drank before and sometimes it still feels like not enough. The sex drive can’t be replicated...
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    Triple Tren's Halo Review

    Damn, no tren in the cycle though?!
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    SB Labs - 1st order

    You do realize that getting bitcoin on a smart phone can be done about 10x quicker then using western union. Which is generally the other alternative to bitcoin. I just bought some and it took about 45 seconds on cash app. You can use coin base too. If a source is using PayPal, credit card...
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    Stepping Down as REP

    I understand life gets busy. Thanks JJ, you have always helped me out and promptly answered every question I sent you!