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  1. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Does Probation Test For Gear

    They can, but they won’t unless it is an intensive supervision type of probation and you give them red flags. I would stay away from oils containing EO to be safe if they regularly test you for alcohol…also watch where you by orals from because I once had a positive test and I was only taking...
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    Contest - Free orals

  3. HeavyMetalMadMan

    Contest - Free orals

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    My 8 inch dong

    No one is going to mention to him how broke his tape measure is? Ok carry on
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    I am disappointed

    You know like….if you could have held it as a baby? Don’t ever fuck it. Maybe that’s a cool rule to follow.
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    I am disappointed

    I’m all caught up on how humans are reproduced and their corresponding relationships. The disconnect comes when you fuck someone your offsprings age.
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    I am disappointed

    Serious question….as a 55 year old man did you feel creepy or like you were fucking someone your daughters age? Just curious because I’m newly 40 and looking at a 25 year old creeps me out and I don’t even have daughters, lol I’m really kinda shocked no one else had mentioned this…maybe I’m the...
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    SB Labs football survivor pool $500 to the winner

    I’m in, thanks
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    I Hate Tren!

    I’m curious if anyone has ever gotten cysts while on tren? About 5 years ago when I was experimenting with different compounds and on a pretty high dose of tren a cyst grew on my temple. My memory isn’t the best but I believe I found a study of the same thing happening to pigs being experimented...
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    Giving back to the community 🙏🏼

    Thanks for the giveaway
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    Also the shit was trash 🗑lol
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    Napsgear: UFC 276 - PREDICT and WIN $200 in store credit each !

    Cannonier Hollaway Strickland Lawler Munhoz
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    Free Gear Contest

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    Free Gear Contest

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    Free Gear Contest