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    **Your current cycle right now **?

    Test e at 460 a week and primo at 200 a week. Weigh 235 right now in decent shape. Looking to get up to 240 before taking some time to cruise and start dieting down for a show.
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    Sick Of Eating!!! Please Help!!

    If your not feeling full try adding in some Fats. Add olive oil into your chicken rice or cheese. Fat will help you feel fuller longer and less hungry. And make sure your drinking atleast a gallon of water a day. That will help you feel full also.
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    SB Labs Guess and Win Contest 🦍

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    Pre workout nutrition

    I workout at 5am. I usually just eat a small bowl of cereal and milk. If your energy is running out mid workout you should experiment with your nutrition during the rest of the day. It could be a sign of needing more carbs during the day.
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    It’s Monday.. what are we training ?

    I got Shoulders and triceps today.
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    It’s Monday.. what are we training ?

    Legs for me today.
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    New Member, Looking to recomp.

    I was in t Im in the same boat trt wise. I'd say start with 150 or 200 to find your trt dose first. Their will be some trial and error involved as everyone converts to estrogen at different rates. Plus once you find that if a cycle ever doesn't go as planned you can default back to trt. You...
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    New Member, Looking to recomp.

    I Wish more people understood this. It's not a magic thing. You still have to do everything right in order to see a real change. And even then if diet and training is on point you dont need that much. Also if diet and training isn't right and on point for you your results will not be that great...
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    Whats everyone training today

    The weekends are my rest days. Eat hangout with family do home chores and business paperwork.
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    Your Body Type - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph?

    I'm a meso with a crazy fast metabolism. I'm bulking right now and eating 4700cal a day just to gain 1 pound a week.
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    TRT Question

    Yes 25mg aromasin.
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    TRT Question

    I am an extremely high e2 converter. I'm on 230mg of test e and 230mg of mast e a week and need to take 1 aromasin every other day. I will be getting bloods in about 2 or 3 weeks to see where I am at. I have tried to move it to just the day after injection wich would be once every 3 days and I...
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    Calorie Intake

    I'd up it to 3500 on training days first and see how that does. I find it's easier to eat more on those days. I'm at 3500 for non training and 4000 for training days. And I'm 6'1" 205 pounds and 15 percent bodyfat
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    What up ASF

    ASTRO 95. Also the leener you are the less you'll convert estrogen. And your right maximizing diet and training first will allow you to get the most out of gear when you jump on.
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    Giving back to the community 🙏🏼

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    Giving back to the community 🙏🏼

    Rest day today for me. Back tomorrow morning
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    Giving back to the community 🙏🏼

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    Giving back to the community 🙏🏼

    Damn that looks good.