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    Just got off the operating table for gyno surgery !!

    That is great to hear! Congrats!
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    Lab Testing

    The main thing I noticed is the original documentation of tested samples (with packaging), and the corresponding lab results, was inconsistent for SB Labs and not the other sponsors. It was the lone sponsor result absent physical evidence. When there is something that appears perfect (like the...
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    improve pro hormone absorption

    I recall some prohormones were complexed with cyclodextrin and instructions included keeping it subL then swallowing. Don't quote me on that, that's coming from memory.
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    Went deep and scored a TD

    Took advantage of their Oct special. All went well and smooth. Thank you P_Labs!
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    Just got off the operating table for gyno surgery !!

    Haha. No doubt it could have been a different combo. I gave a specific combo, one that is used by plastic surgeons for awake lipo. You gave a general drug as a counter argument. That doesn't fly if you're trying to revoke my license. Try giving a specific combo if you want to play license...
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    AOC's town halls are ON FUEGO!!!😭🤣🤣🤣

    Pour me a drink Sandy!
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    Struggling girl...

    I kinda think the vulture could have served as a food source. If cooked right, tastes like chicken?
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    Sept 2022 Steroid Bust

    Wasn't Washington state looking to legalize (or decriminalize) hard drugs? Maybe the new blends should be test/crack cypionate to comply with local laws.:)
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    She has failed at changing the definition of beauty.
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    Pedo-Peter (AKA Sniffy-Joe the Pervert)...

    Only the good Biden's die young.
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    Demturd Chicongo - 19 shot on Friday

    But boy can she sing. Doesn't that make it all better?:)
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    I might be 45 but i feel like i'm 20!!!!!

    That's the version of nandrolone you take rectally. Dose dependent upon turd volume. It's 200mg/ml in India due to the quantity of currie in the diet (splash).
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    Boobies and Booties!! 2.0

    Its about the cost of a healthy cycle.:)
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    I'm gonna watch this case. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to how short her sentence will be compared to a male doing the same thing. This is where "equal rights" fail. Also interested in what her defense will be. He consented, she was damaged as a child, revenge, etc.
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    Just got off the operating table for gyno surgery !!

    I'll play chemist here and say Xanax plus Percocet, then used the local anesthesia. If you weren't drowsy during the procedure, Xanax only.:) Looks great man, congrats!
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    Help with cycle to an older person 55

    It sounds like you are also looking for training advice in addition to cycle advice, correct? If so, it may help everyone if you shared what his current load/schedule is. Not necessarily weights, but frequency, sets.
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    Careers, Jobs, and Work

    I had a job I loved with a company I thought I would be with until retirement. The culture began to change. I found the stress unbearable. I began Muy Thai to alleviate the stress. I am a decade from retirement and my mental health class was fighting.:) Weight training and cardio wasn't...
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    Making money in this

    I may have missed it, but what's your age, education, and approximate location?
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    Its time! 808Pump runs Azteca Gold!

    You're a beast brother! Thanks for sharing your experience.