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    Anybody got new price list

    Anybody got new price list
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    Welcome, SouthernMuscle88

    I got a order in yeaterday waiting for tracking ..thank you
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    Welcome, SouthernMuscle88

    Thank you brother
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    Welcome, SouthernMuscle88

    Thank you..everybody here has been really helpful and I appreciate it
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    I found that out
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    Welcome, SouthernMuscle88

    Thank yoin
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    That's real odd ..And everbody else wants to screw you
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    See I just hit them up said it was unavailable
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    Looks like everbody is bitcoin ..that sucks
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    No just hit them up there not at the tripping over this
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    Welcome, SouthernMuscle88

    Need good source that does w.u
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    Need good source that takes w.u
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    They finally got caught? Admitted to the lies?

    Juicepal was legit and reliable..That says alot ..That sucks he gone
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    New member just checking in.

    New member here and just like everbody else iv learned a few things from the post thank you all..Im always on here reading figure might as well join ..
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    Juicepals unsatisfied

    Iv heard good things about juicepal..But a buddy just told me there's somebody using his name and scamming - - - Updated - - - Now I'm scared iv got the wrong email and it's a scammer im messing with
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    Newbie Post

    Hey just wanted to introduce myself I just turned 40 last week it's hit me hard now I'm trying to get right I'm focused on nothing but working really hard to do this..I bought some equipment and have been hitting it so hard any suggestions