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    I have been around these boards for a long time and these guys are still the best.
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    Thought on arimadex

    Everyone is different. Some people are more prone plus every ugl buys armidex powder from different places so you can't be certain on the dosage unless it's pharmacy grade
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    Blood Work Results*** Pharmasust 500

    Legs look great brother
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    Do you dread coming off your cycle?

    Coming off definitely sucks. You don't make the same gains no matter how hard you try.
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    Test sweetspot

    I have run 1500mgs a week before but 750mgs is my favorite dose. I get little sides and great gains
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    Winter bulk cycle

    I have a cheat meal per week but everything else is perfect and clean. I try to keep a steady flow of food when bulking but 3000 calories just won't do it for me. I'm not a big eater so I would love to eat less but unfortunately I need to force feed myself.
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    Winter bulk cycle

    I like dbol much better, especially at 50mgs. Man I wish I could grow off 3000 calories, that would be awesome
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    Caber and Aromasin

    Prami makes me feel like shit. Caber is faked alot so I stick with pharm grade but have seen good reviews from a few research companies
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    FinaPlex H

    I have used tren many times in the past but only bought it once. I always made my own from fina pellets and seemed so much better. It's so simple to do except for the filtering which is a pain.
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    Been on a blast/cruise the last 5 months... PCT, or blast one more time?

    I agree. Run your PCT before you blast. I just came off a heavy 8 month cycle without any issues but I have seen people go on TRT for life running long cycles. Definitely not wort the risk to your HPTA. I know it sucks coming off but maybe look into hgh,slin, igf, sarms and peptides.
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    Dnp and construction

    You definitely don't want DNP if your working hard outside in the heat ed. Way to dangerous. Clean up your diet. It's the fastest and best way to burn fat.
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    First cycle soon- have I got my sh*t together?

    I would definitely run the AI. As for PCT, you just go back to your TRT dose
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    There is way more fake pharm grade hgh on tge black market then legit. Unless someone is robbing a truck transporting hgh, which isn't heavily prescribed like some drugs, there is no way. How can anyone have an endless supply? It's like when you see sources carrying Watson test. It usually ends...
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    I wish I could help you but I cant. The cap color don't matter. Two different sources can carry "blue tops" yet both are totally different. Your main goal should just be ordering off a trusted source. There is so much fake hgh going around. There are more fakes on the market then legit hgh.
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    Sub Q Pinning

    You should never go over .5mls. You might get away with it a few times but you will eventually get screwed
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    T-3 and T-4 can a bro get some advise

    I would never run t3 or T4 without test. It don't discriminate between muscle and fat
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    Test & EQ

    One thing to point out is to get your blood checked every 4 months on eq or at least donate blood. It can raise your red blood cells even more then other steroids and that can lead to issues
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    T-3 and T-4 can a bro get some advise

    It's up to you which you want to use because the results will be The same. The difference is the dosing amount. 25mcg of T3 is equivalent to about 100mgs of T4. Your body converts T4 into T3 at 25%. I have used both though and don't see a difference as long as the dosing is the same.
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    Test & EQ

    Apologies for the misprint but I'm typing from a phone. That what 600mgs when bulking. I wouldn't run an eq cycle less then 16 weeks. It takes a while to see the results and don't make sense to stop as soon as your seeing progress. I don't typically notice the vascularity changes until about week 6.
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    Test & EQ

    I love it. Eq males me vascular as hell. It sucks that it takes so long to kick in and I wish there was a faster ester but I run it for min of 16 weeks with almost every cycle and love it. I typically running 800mgs a week with primo when cutting or 60mgs a week with test, deca and dbol when bulking