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    I Hate Tren!

    Paranoid jealousy is too much! At the end of the last cycle it lingered for like six months. Not worth it for me.
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    By Any Means Necessary

    Happy Birthday! I might have missed it. Did you start MENT? I heard you looking for it a while ago...
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    Tren dick on 25mg/day

    Lol. Get your E2 checked. Only way to know. I learned the hard way this year. Mine sky rockets on 19 nors.
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    TREN and how my body cannot seem to function without it

    For what its worth, I did the most tren ive ever done this winter. 500-600mg a week for about 2 months. Im 43 and have never had knee issues. A month after I stopped my knees starting killing. They still hurt almost 3 months later. Not to mention I let my E2 get up to 250. Not a lot of crazy...
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    Yankees Turn a game winning Triple play

    That was cool!
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    Anabolics & Pregnancy

    Does the HCG help the odds?
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    High dosages test vs low dosages for better gains?

    What is the highest you let your estradiol go with no AI?
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    Whats the highest your E2 has been?

    Thank you! I was thinking MWF for 2 weeks then getting bloods. To be honest, mine is 250ish.
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    Whats the highest your E2 has been?

    I want to start by saying im an idiot. The most test a week ive done before this last cycle was 500mg a week. So this winter I was doing 500mg of sust a week and decided to add test phenyl and test iso to equal 1000 mg a week total for 2 months. Then I added GC's tren ace- mast prop at 4-600mg a...
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    Lets bust this cherry!

    43 year old Grandpa here. Not a veteran, but thats why i'm on here. Trying to learn a few things. Thanks!
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    EliteSwagg's Tour De Gears

    This log is sick point sick on the sickter scale for sure! Thanks!!!!!!!!
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    By Any Means Necessary

    6oz. of beef and 3/4 cup white rice? :)
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    Estrogen and blood pressure

    Will elevated E2 cause your blood pressure to rise?
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    Slin pin question

    Are you guys drawing and pinning with the same needle? Or are you back loading? Thanks!
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    Anybody else?

    Raise their own beef? We try to do a steer a year. $1.50-$2.00 a pound, quality meat :p
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    Why i love Parabolan?

    How often do you pin?
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    Aborting a cycle because you have accumlated too much fatigue

    What is your accutane dose? Is it working?
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    Feral gear

    They gone. Right?
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    Aborting a cycle because you have accumlated too much fatigue

    Ive just figured out that all nandrolones suck for me. Deca, NPP, Tren I toss and turn all night. Dont sleep or recover well at all. Plus it takes forever to finish with my wife. Its been a couple weeks and I think the deca is working its way out of my system. Had awesome sex last night LOL. 500...
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    Sustanon bloods

    First time pulling bloods on sustanon. Im taking 250mg twice a week for 4-5 weeks. I pinned Sunday mid day. I pulled bloods Wednesday mid morning. I was also on 50mg of proviron ED. These results seem kinda weak. Im 12-1,300 on 200 mg a week trt. Any thoughts? Thanks!