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    What’s your EDC?

    Kimber Ultra Carry for many years. However, I bought a Sig P365XL a few years ago and I carry that most of the time these days. They are both great guns, but the Sig is lighter and more comfortable to carry.
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    What's in your Protein Shake?

    High fat days: 8 eggs, 1/3 C whipping cream, 2 T mct oil, 2 packets Equal, a few drops of vanilla Carb days: 3/4 C oatmeal, 16 Oz egg whites, heaping T peanut butter, 5 count of Hershey's syrup
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    Your go to for EDC?

    Sig P365 xl at home Kimber Ultra Carry at work
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    What age did you start gear ?

    Started training at the gym at 18, and did not due my first cycle until 48. I wish that I would have started way younger.
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    The latest gigs

    Saw The Iron Maidens, an all girl Iron Maiden cover band 11/21. I am going to Anthrax and BLS in August, and Iron Maiden in October.
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    Bicept tear

    I had an acute rupture of the bicep where it attaches to the shoulder about eight months ago. The ortho said that the best course of action was to do nothing. I was lucky that it settled in a good spot and have very little deformity. The doctor said that in all his years in practice, he has...
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    Needle Suggestions

    1" × 25 gauge: glutes and VG 5/8" × 25 gauge: quads, shoulders and pecs Leaving the needle in my delts for about 30 seconds after injection has drastically reduced leakage and bleeding for me.
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    Monster Labs

    I have used Monster five times over the years. Both injectable and orals are legit. I have never had an issue, they are a pleasure to deal with.
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    DC training

    I have been doing DC TRAINING for a hear and a half with great results. I have been training for 36 years and have tried many different training protocols, with this being the most effective for me.
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    For my early risers

    Up at 3:15 and at the gym at 4:00 for the last 26 years. I have always been a morning person and enjoy training when I am fresh. It would be difficult for me to train intensely or consistently after a long day at work and after work commitments.
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    BPC 157 for a torn bicep?

    Thank you for the info gentleman. I saw an ortho, and it does need sugery. I get a MRI on 8/9 and see the ortho again on 8/17. I am currently taking 4 iu of Orange tops, and will wait until after the surgery for the peptides.
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    BPC 157 for a torn bicep?

    I have used BPC 157 to help heal a shoulder injury. I tore the long head of my bicep today. I believe it is a small tear of the long head, but will find out from the doctor. Has anybody had success treating this type of injury with BPC 157? Thanks for the help!
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    Injecting into pecs

    I pin 2 ml into my pecs with a 25g x 5/8" with no issues.
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    Tren Hex less sides?

    I am running tren hex for the first time. 200 mg tren hex, 300 mg test E, and 800 mg mast, and no AI. I am having great results, with none of the usual tren sides except for an occasional night sweat.
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    Six days a week: 7 eggs, 1/3 cup whipping cream, 1+ T mct oil, 2 packets of equal, a few splashes of vanilla blended up. Lots of carbs on the seventh day.
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    Another victim of GorillaFarm

    I ordered the day before they closed up, and received my pack yesterday. I hope that you have the same luck.
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    Issues with Gorilla Farm

    I opened my pack to discover that Kong few in a few extras as well. I will buy from his new whop if he decides to re-open.
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    Issues with Gorilla Farm

    I had placed an order a couple of days before GF closed up shop. I have used them a number of times over the last few years with great success. With the shop closing and the turn around time being longer than usual, I was feeling less confident of getting my order every day. My order arrived...
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    Iron lion

    I love their orange tops, but have never used their gear.
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    💥 The Patriot Party 💥

    I love the idea! However, I agree with Multislacking, and think that it will split the conservative vote.