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    Testosterone and weight loss

    Something like Fast Hormone Blood Testing for Men Near You
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    What’s the deal with protein? Tldr eat smaller amounts of protein more frequently. "Based on the current evidence, we conclude that to maximize anabolism one should consume protein at a target intake of 0.4 g/kg/meal across a minimum of four meals in order to reach a...
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    Sleep aid

    Time lock safe for your cellphone. Smart switches that turn off your TV/PC at 10pm (and back on at 7am). Read a book
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    Testosterone and weight loss

    What is your body fat %? Probably not what you want to hear, but id skip a cycle till you get it under 15%... To really gain muscle you need an excess of calories. Losing weight and gaining muscle are not mutually exclusive especially while starting out on gear, you will be leaving considerable...
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    Discussion #1...TRT Alternatives..???

    following... but I don't mind. its like brushing your teeth
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    Dry Chicken!

    if you are not using a sous vide for meal prep you are doing it wrong. more details The Food Lab's Guide to Sous Vide Chicken Breast. I buy proteins in bulk (get the giant costco sub primal prime rib and portion), vac seal with salt/pepper (or whatever you want), cook in bulk for week. perfect...
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    Don't buy snacks. If there is something unhealthy that makes it in my house it is quickly devoured. This has caused more than one blowout fight with my spouse ("why did you bring home an entire plate of cookies..." "WHY DID YOU EAT THE ENTIRE PLATE OF COOKIES"...). Plan meals, do some meal prep...
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    Blood work check

    150mg test c per week, split into 50mg MWF. Started w prescribed TRT two years ago -- trying to fix a running injury. Now DIY (was prescribed gels which I found annoying). Plan is to stick with 150mg most of time. 200-250mg test plus Anavar 2x per year when schedule allows for uninterrupted...
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    Blood work check

    At one point, I had the itchy nipples (or my inner hypochondriac thought I did). I do .125mg every 250 mg of test -- basically one every two weeks... have thought about dropping (one less thing to remember)
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    Blood work check

    Latest labs. How we doing? Feedback welcome -- good, bad, watch out for XYZ, consider doing ABC. 150mg test c per week, .125mg Anastrozole when I start jonesing for sweets or feel like a little bitch. BP good enough 120/80.
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    TRT From Clinic's are Extremely Safe..

    I had a positive experience w mine, other than cost. Took the time to answer a bunch of questions, and went through bloodwork line by line. Makes it painless. For those that are gear curious, it's a place to start. Started w 150mg per week test c (50mg sub MWF), .125mg-.25mg anastrozole (if high...
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    Noob to dieting - could really use some help

    Couple ideas i) more cardio/less lifting. yeah wrong forum. get a HR monitor, work up to 50-60 mins at zone 3. To get to 25% BF you could lose 16 lbs (two-three months) or gain 48lb of muscle (infinity?)... ii) if you looking to lose weight, its mostly what goes in the food hole. If trying to...
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    Does music help you train harder?

    What are folks fav headphones the gym?
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    "Eat more fish" How much fish, is too much fish? Specifically, bluefin tuna? How quickly, or rather slowly, does mercury leave your system? What is the best (cheap/easy/accurate) test for Mercury? Total first world problems. Background, I took got into long-range fishing trips outta San Diego...
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    High blood pressure

    try 2.5-5mg Cialis. I was similar (120-125/80), bumped up to 140, 2.5mg Cialis daily took me back down to 125.
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    New Member

    Hey ASF - Long time lurker, first time poster. Former endurance athlete. Found my way into a gym a few years ago after (yet another) running injury. I like the grind of training and doing mild cycles for faster recovery. Look forward to learning from I'll