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    Proviron Testimonials

    Good read. I like the fact the Proviron binds to SHGB. I even read forums on how SHBG blood values increase, making it great to run along with other great compounds to get the most benefit out of them.
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    Proviron Testimonials

    Looking for some more insight on Proviron. I have heard pros and cons about Proviron. I’m 40 years old. I have tried mostly everything out there except this compound. I did my research on it, and am on the fence weather or not to give it a try.
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    can you tri-set and giant-set 2 different muscle groups ?

    I notice when I superset I get the better results. Superset split: Mon-Chest & Back Tues-legs & abs Weds-shoulders & arms Off Repeat
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    test c and deca stack duration?

    My doc prescribes .75 ml. That is 200mg per ml. Just enough for joint and to maintain.
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    Deca-older guys friend or foe?

    Truth. I have a trt doc who prescribes deca. Since I have been back on there is a noticeable difference.
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    Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Amen, to this. I fully support this article.
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    CBD oil accelerates muscle recovery after strenuous exercise

    Interesting article. Wonder how delta 8 works on recovery.
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    Workouts at the Beach to Keep You Fit During Your Vacation

    I hear that! About to leave soon. Brought heavy resistance bands, pull up bar, etc.
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    Back at it

    Love this forum. A lot of veterans here with good advise. It’s good to be back. Had bad tendinitis for about a year. Just got back serious in the gym. Need to get that strength back up. Doing a lot of 5x5’s.