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    dropped down from 254 lbs to 227 lbs. Now adding clen to the equation.

    Definitely decreased the carbs. Everyday cardio for 30 mins natty seems a lot too. Maybe 5 days a week with like 3 of them HIIT sessions? Are you on a cycle, planning to, or even cursing/trt? I'm not sure I would do clen solo.
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    Primary care TRT is not always great. THANK YOU ASF.

    My pharma test cyp crashed twice already, but never had that happened purchased from here. I'm not sure why I even go through my trt doc when I should just self trt.
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    CoachCabo SB Labs log

    Will be following Coach!
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    I know this thread is 6 months old, however, I'm coming for rotator cuff surgery with 6 months of recovery time. This was extremely useful! My big question, did you lose a lot of mass during the 6 months recovery time? Besides the supplement you listed, did you do a light cruise cycle or...
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    Hello from New York

    Welcome! Wealth of information here!
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    Is EQ really worth it compared to Deca?

    I've seen some gains from EQ, but ran it very high. I didn't get much bloat, but see strength gains. Deca on the other hand, I ran about 500mg, seen strength, but for me tons of bloat.
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    Ball in Nipple

    Definitely see a doctor and get labs. Curious, what was your blast?
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    High Concentrate PIP?

    Hey guys, want to try the high concentrate stuff. How's PIP if any? Thanks!
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    Updated Item Now In Stock

    I'm going to have to give this a try!
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    Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome! Was in Switzerland long time ago. Skiing there was awesome!
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    Possible gyno?

    Same thing happened to me last cycle. Nolva 20mg and started aromasin. Pain and bump were gone in two weeks. I kept going with the aromasin throughout the cycle to keep the e in check.
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    Who's traveled to Cancun with gear??

    Why not just get the gear in Mexico, use it there, and dispose of when you about to leave? Might be more $$, but better than risk going through customs on either side of the border. I know when I went to Mexico, there pharmacies all over the place and "peddlers" trying to get me to their store.
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    Winter recomp/ vacation cycle

    Why so low on Deca for the first one? Are you using it just for it joints benefits?
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    High Estradiol and DHT on TRT

    The HCG is probably to keep his balls from shrinking. My trt doc did that, but after a while, I changed my mind. It seems like a waste of money to so my balls aren't the size of raisins lol.
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    High Estradiol and DHT on TRT

    Holy shit...1841 for Test? When I started TRT at 200mg T.cyp, my lab was 1400. The first thing doc did was dial it back to 160mg. I'm surprised that you doc didn't dial it back after these results, but gave you 1mg of Arimdex x2 a week? I think 1mg for TRT is a lot. I'm not sure if they're...
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    Any of you guys have friends/buddies to hang out with?

    No friends here either. Everyone after high school went separately ways. I have work acquaintances, but we never hangout outside of work.
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    Paying for Prison...

    I'm sure the son can get it absolved with a good lawyer. I've never seen or heard of this before.
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    Dress to impress?

    For suit, I go to Men's Wearhouse, but go to a different tailor and not their in-house one. They sometimes have good discounts/deals.
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    personal blog penis update

    umm Viagra?
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    New member.