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    GYM n Tonic TD (Wes you’re a legend)

    idk why everyone keeps praising me. But thank you guys i appreciate it
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    How often do you shave?

    top of my head is bald i shave every other day. got one of those skull electric shavers. my hair thats still there grows super fast.
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    Is Creatine a must take?

    i eat about 1-1.5 pounds of red meat a day. thats enough creatine for me
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    Would you date/have sex with a woman who received the covid vaccination?

    sex yes, date? depends, if she had to for a job then i get it. if she got it to "follow the science" hell no
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    Another quick TD!

    Tren hex starts in 5ish weeks. I'm currently running a test anadrol bulk(up 18 lbs) then transitioning to the hex anavar cut right after. So far no real sides so i have not been using the AI but going in at the end of the week for bloods cause sometimes you just cant tell. i try to run as little...
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    Hunter’s plea

    I'm legit angry about this. It's not that its bidens son that pisses me off so much. It's that multiple felonies are being swept under the rug. not to mention the felony gun charge as well. What pisses me off is that it was me or any other regular American, We'd be looking at a decade in...
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    Thanks wes

    i feel that! hgh 2x a day bpc 2x a day tb500 2x a week. test 2x per week eq 2x per week. and then adding tren in 4 weeks. i actaully hate pinning too
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    Anavar Tips

    i didnt know this, gonna give it a go. Currently on anadrol and have to take breaks during my workouts cause the lower back pumps are painful
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    Best online phartmacies without perscription?

    im sure they do but i dont drink
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    Arnold 4 president 😜

    I second this
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    Best online phartmacies without perscription?

    following, i was just looking for some sleeping pills for a flight to japan coming up
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    Post injection pain questions.

    Ok i think hes just trolling
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    Love the Halo Top ice cream

    i've been eyeing the ninja ice cream maker myself. a friend a a recipe she uses using fairlife milk
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    Post injection pain questions.

    I'm a little in shock or maybe im reading this post wrong? Did he inject an entire 10ml vial? So no matter the size of the vial you go by whats on the vile its its the little one at the doctors says 200/ml and the Huge bottles youre talking about and it says 200/ml its the same. 1cc of either...
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    nap time?

    Everywhere i look i seem to come up with different answers. So what are your thoughts? do mid day naps help? or do they hinder? i can get 9.5 hrs of sleep a night. But still get in a 1-2 hr nap pre gym. i can go without it but i always thought sleep equals growth and your test levels are highest...
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    Have you guys tried every fast food place?

    24 i have NOT been to
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    Pipes Log

    Need to be better at updating this. Wife has been out of state since my last post so ive been taking care of all the animals, house and cooking all my food. So didnt track much. ate all my normal meals and hit the gym but so damn busy! Starting tracking it all again today Day 20 9.5 hrs of...
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    10mg ED about a hr or so before i lift.
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    AlanDomestic ZPHC 2+1 FREE SUPER SALE!!

    JFC. Gotta be the hotest chic ive ever seen! anyone know her name?
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    Would you give a friend unsolicited advise?

    I like the way you think!