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    Juice Daddy!

    I could go for some free gear 👍😝
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    Blood work

    I appreciate the response, yes definitely dropped the orals. Just picking up the adex today, any recommendations on dosage to drop the e2 the quickest? I also have added 25 mg Proviron ed however
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    Blood work

    Ya :/ next time I’ll do labs else where but I had my doctor do these because I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish and trouble sleeping
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    Blood work

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    Blood work

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    Blood work

    I appreciate it sorry guys will upload new photo
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    Blood work

    How can I delete
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    Blood work

    hello I was looking for some advice on my recent blood labs, my cycle prior to lab looked as followed 600 test 400 npp 40 dbol ed 40 drol ed 12.5 Aromasin eod 10 cialis ed Since my blood work I have dropped the dbol and drol and my dr also prescribed anastrozole
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    Awesome thanku!
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    Anyone know if a source carry’s Mounjaro or tirzepatide? Thank you
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    SB Labs TD and review

    Solid td today from sb labs thank you!
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    Old Guy Newbie to both gear & forums

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    Where are you guys finding your docs?

    I’ve had good luck with naturopathic doctors, no issue prescribing me test c 200mg/week and AI as well
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    The Real Deal With Carbohydrates & Muscle

    Thanku for this info good read
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    10 Supplements to Help You Boost Intensity and Increase Muscle Gains

    Very cool read, thanks for this info going to incorporate these into my supplement regimen!
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    5 Supplements That Help Maximize Post-Workout Recovery

    Thank you for this helpful info
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    another more ways than one

    Welcome !
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    NEWBIE needing advice & Suggestions

    Thanku for this info
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    Newbie here to learn