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  1. NY_Angie

    Trump + Mar-a-lago raided

  2. NY_Angie

    Trump + Mar-a-lago raided
  3. NY_Angie

    Is the U.S.A. finished?

    Such an underrated movie..... been a favorite of mine for a long time that fight club and the matrix.
  4. NY_Angie

    Trump 2024

    Dick Morris for as wrong as he has always been... said Hillary is going to run again against Trump LMAO
  5. NY_Angie

    My female MOD

    Missed you guys!! Her physique is sick! Where did she place in that particular show?
  6. NY_Angie

    My female MOD

    Very very impressive!!! Hi Wes :)
  7. NY_Angie


    First off hey fellas! I was strict keto for 4-5 months and I never felt better. Cap, first things first.... it depends on how you want to start, I went cold turkey. I still had some phentermine left over so I made sure i didnt have an appetite loaded up on water and fasted for 24 hours. I ate...
  8. NY_Angie


    A certain source here, their carrier oil for primo is an amber color - it’s sesame oil
  9. NY_Angie

    TD porn 🍆💦 if she dies, she dies💦🍆

    Will it work if ingested? Asking for a friend no seriously (my libido is perfectly fine)
  10. NY_Angie

    Beyond Use Date - Compound Pharmacy T-Cyp

    So those legit amps of bayer primo from 2009 are good to go? [emoji13]
  11. NY_Angie

    Unofficial ASF Confessions Thread

    I found my long lost twin!
  12. NY_Angie

    The most unique oral blend to ever be in the market.. 2 in 1 (summer cut oral blend)

    I wish the mgs were reversed [emoji13] I guess I could cut it in half [emoji854]
  13. NY_Angie

    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

  14. NY_Angie

    Who Can Say The N Word?

    Yeah they’re a different here lol
  15. NY_Angie

    Permanent Daylight Savings Time?

    Jesus Christ don't they have other important things to worry about?
  16. NY_Angie


    Ugh This! I used a little too much once and I was high & dizzy for 2 hours, after I just went to sleep woke up dehydrated and had a pounding headache. Blah, I still have the two bags that I bought
  17. NY_Angie

    Need your guys' thoughts on this situation
  18. NY_Angie

    T3 for fat loss

    I’ve used T3 many times & have also used it in conjunction with clen when I was on my cutting cycle [emoji1362] When I was recently on keto I did a 5 day on 2 day off for 4 months 25mcg am and late pm. Many days I would weigh less when I got home (I walk a lot at work). For me, it works very...
  19. NY_Angie

    OxygenGym.Store horrible customer service and crooks

    Anabolic chicken? [emoji215][emoji1787]
  20. NY_Angie

    Attn: Contest time!!!

    Some of my faves