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  1. STTM

    HCG Bloodwork

    Anyone have blood work from HCG alone? First, from complete shutdown where your T levels are at almost 0. Then add in 500iu HCG a week and see where you test levels are at? Second, on TRT.. if you take HCG does it significantly raise your T levels? Thanks
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    Domestic Pharmacy

    It’s a risk.. but I can get 6 months worth of T4, Fina, Cialis, aromasin, and HCG for $150. Domestic prices will get you 3 months of just one of those.
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    Domestic Pharmacy

    That is $4 for T4 that’s straight from a pharmacy.. the best quality you can get. It’s not about limited funds.. it’s about international shipping times post covid… and then domestic prices are 1000x higher. There was a similar shop that had domestic shipping that I used, prices were...
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    Domestic Pharmacy

    Not looking for steroids. Looking for something like AIPCTShop.. but domestic, and doesn’t cost an arm in a leg. Looking for.. T4, finanistride, cialis, HCTZ Example.. AIPCTShop price onT4.. $4 for 100 100mcg tabs. Something like that. Domestic sources I know charging $50! Thanks
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    Test-E - 200mg/week Pin 2x per week. Sunday and Wednesday, Last pin Wednesday morning, bloods drawn Friday afternoon. Not too shabby
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    SB Labs bloodwork thread

    Anything special for posting bloods. On 200mg Test E weekly. Pin Sunday and Wednesday. Will be getting labs done Friday.
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    Ideas for SB Labs February Special

    Buy 3 get 1 Free (of the same drug)
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    Test levels on Gear Church test e

    I’m taking 1ml a week.. so anywhere between 250mg and 350mg based off the label and test results. Had “surprise” labs get done. Pinned have ml on Sunday night and bloodwork drawn Tuesday afternoon. Results came back at 1850.
  9. STTM

    SB Labs Sust TD and bloodwork with High Octane

    I’ve gotten bloodwork on Sust twice, because it didn’t make since. Was cruising on 500mg weekly.. got bloodwork 3 days after last pin and was 1200. Got bloodwork again, 1 day after pin this time and was 2100.
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    Oral Trestolone?
  11. STTM

    Oral Trestolone?
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    EQ - 400mg/ml

    Add this to the list.
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    Logan Franklin

    I’ve followed this guy for awhile. He always looks great in the off-season. He doesn’t hold his size during prep.. and looked flat at last years Olympia. Maybe a new coach will help. Doubt he’ll be top 10.
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    Sale is active. Follow The Process

    What is the current sale?
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    Looking at the posted Testing from a year or so ago.. We have the.. Test E - 350mg/ml Test C - 300mg/ml Test Iso - 250mg/ml Not complaining one bit about this.. but they are all quite overdosed from what’s on the label. I’ve also gotten bloodwork while on ATIPP at 300mg weekly and was at...
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    What are you currently running ?

    Test E - 200mg/week Proviron - 50mg/day HGH - 4iu/day T4 - 200mcg/day Cialis - 10mg/day Finasteride - 1mg/day HCG - 500iu 2x weekly GW-50 - 20mg/day I think that is everything. This is my “TRT+“ or “Hormone Optimization” as some would say.
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    The Primo Train

    That’s the one that I am leaning toward. EQ always treated me well.
  18. STTM

    The Primo Train

    Used Primo once years ago.. back when the 100mg/ml amps were readily available. Wasn’t overly impressed because I didn’t blow up overnight. Now.. goals and thought process has changed so want to give Primo another shot. I’ve switched to a 100% animal based diet.. life changing stuff.. and...
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    *SB Labs New Items*

    EQ dosed at 400mg/ml would be nice.
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    Update on this? Shipping out of India/Singapore makes no sense. Post COVID I’ve had packs take 10 days to 4 months.