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  1. Vincentino

    Well, torn ACL

    I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support here. I hate that I seemed so doom and gloom but this surgery is one that has always scared me for the chances of failure, ability to not bounce back physically, and the obvious implications that would have on my competing career with...
  2. Vincentino

    Well, torn ACL

    Wes…. Words can’t even describe man. I’ll be reaching out shortly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Vincentino

    Well, torn ACL

    That’s absolutely the plan. I am terrified of losing my ability to operate at my best or being hindered and not being able to deploy or compete in powerlifting anymore.
  4. Vincentino

    Well, torn ACL

    So my procedure will be done with my hamstring, my surgeon this morning basically said Everytime they use patellar tendon it Always leads to another surgery. You got a machine that actually moved your leg for you? He did say I would need to consistently move mine back and forth frequently...
  5. Vincentino

    Well, torn ACL

    As the title states, I tore my ACL (don’t go sprinting or running guys, just stay in the gym and get big and dangerous). Surgery is scheduled for the 15th. Anyone here have some insight on the recovery? Any protocols out there for post-operation supplements to help myself heal as quickly and...
  6. Vincentino

    GC going on 5 years

    I will attest to this as well. Been with GC for over 5 years and still going strong. No other source to go to in my opinion.
  7. Vincentino

    Meet prep - stack

    A month is not nearly enough time running the long esters… I also question why you’d consider using Deca which is traditionally a bulking compound when you’re prepping for a competition that runs on weight classes. Unless you’re not trying to be competitive with others and not worried about your...
  8. Vincentino

    Easy Way...

    Man, I’ve been with you guys since before 2018 and I have NEVER had one issue, complaint, or service less than exemplary, not once. Fuck this idiot and anyone like him that fires off at the thumbs like an insolent child.
  9. Vincentino

    Power lifting 2 weeks out

    The last competition I won I was running Test P/Tren A/Mast P blend (100mg each) 1CC EOD and 50mg Anadrol daily. Competition day I used Test No Ester before the Squat and Deadlift flight. Make sure you watch your blood pressure, try not to consume a metric fuck load of caffeine lol bring pickle...
  10. Vincentino

    Podcast going

    2 friends and I actually recorded one (hasn’t been mixed or posted anywhere yet) and it was a blast. We clocked it at 35 minutes just to get started, but it was really a just for fun thing that I really enjoyed and hope to continue with
  11. Vincentino

    Masteron vs EQ

    My first question would be have you ran either of those compounds before? Asking so we all know whether you have a baseline on how your react to them respectively. From my perspective on Mast, it’s a great compound when used in any cycle that you’re trying to get clean gains/less sides/less...
  12. Vincentino

    I Hate Tren!

    I definitely agree there. Today’s ease of access to information, it’s no wonder there are 16 year old’s setting world records in strength sports.
  13. Vincentino

    I Hate Tren!

    I will agree with this explanation from my experiences. I started using AAS entirely too young. I was 22 when I started my first cycle. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a nerd, I love chemistry, and I love to know how and why things work. So I definitely did my research, figured out the “so what”...
  14. Vincentino

    Female Squirting. Study

    This. Sexiest thing ever is a woman that gets wet just from anticipation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Vincentino

    GC is severely backed up. Please be patient. Thanks

    Been with GC for almost 5 years now. Have never been disappointed in the slightest. On the contrary, he has always been worlds above expectations. The product speaks for itself, and the man’s business ethic screams professionalism and dedication. Cheers GC family.
  16. Vincentino

    Vyvance? Anyone use it before?

    I want to suggest an alternative for you to try. Look up Focus DL on Amazon. It’s literally just an amino acid, but it was referred to me by a physician’s assistant friend of mine because he took it for similar reasons. Since I’ve tried it, I’ve referred it to 3 people who now swear by it. It’s...
  17. Vincentino

    Guitar Heads 2.o

    If I had to pick 3, at least MY 3 because of my music tastes, it would be: 1. Dimebag Darrell (Pantera, Damage Plan) 2. Josh Middleton (Sylosis, Architects) 3. Jesse Cash (ERRA) Each of them for different reasons, but in my opinion as a whole they represent the absolute best guitarists in...
  18. Vincentino

    Guitar Heads

    It’s all on what you prioritize for your sound. For me and my playing style, I want something with a lot of definition while at the same time super aggressive. To me, Blackouts deliver that perfectly where EMG’s I’ve played with in the past can get a little muddy. Just personal preference
  19. Vincentino

    Guitar Heads

    I would suggest either a set of SD Blackouts if you want something active, or going online to the Seymour Duncan custom shop and designing your own. They will have a tech call you and you can simply tell them exactly the type of tone you’re looking for, they were amazing in helping me design a...
  20. Vincentino

    Psychedelic experience

    Well, taking into consideration what Multi said, I do have a suggestion and you can take it for what you will. I just know my own experiences so I can only speak on behalf of my own opinion. I would suggest that you definitely DONT do acid, and instead opt for you 2 doing a mushroom trip...