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  1. Rocker44

    A month in to my first cycle.

    are you on some sort of AI 600 mg test and dbol will get your estro up there bro
  2. Rocker44


    not sure how accurate your results are following your protocal. it looks like you pinned the entire dose of 3 week protocal 1 which is 1500 mg's in the first 2 weeks and you went an additional fourth week. you also pinned twice a week instead of one time a week. in weeks 3 and 4 did you pin 300...
  3. Rocker44

    b-boy's ipgear log

    looking awsome bro keep it up
  4. Rocker44

    Winstrol vs. Anavar

    you should take your liver into consideration also. dbol and winny would be pretty hard on the liver