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    What brand are you currently using?

    How do you block?
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    What brand are you currently using?

    That’s how they got me JD with same exact PM and I got scam NEVER got my order it’s the worst feeling to have. Everything was erased and end of story how can you trust anyone here? It’s my experience and it is what it is
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    Stem Cell Therapy

    Look for a Doctor of Osteopathy or DO Make sure you ask if they do Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine? Neuromusculoskeletal medicine is a subspeciality of Osteopathic Medicine that focuses on the interaction of the nerves, muscles, and bones and how they can contribute to problems within the body...
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    New Member Introducing myself

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    Newbie Checking in.

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    What's Your Go To Breakfast..??

    Delicious 🤤 keep up the hard work
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    New Member - Not New To The Game

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    Glad to be here

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    New member

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    New here and just started TRT

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    Hopped on the sauce!

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    New member. Thank you.

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    New Here - Cruise During a Blast?

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    What's Your Go To Breakfast..??

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    What's Your Go To Breakfast..??

    🤣 spinach is the way bro 😎 really good. I like to juice with 2 full hand of spinach, 1 cup of blueberry 🫐 and 1 tablespoon of raw honey and 1 banana 🍌 cleans me right up. Also kefir is really good as well. But buy it from Amazon and grow it yourself at home this is cheaper and full of probiotics...
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    What's Your Go To Breakfast..??

    I start with 4 eggs sunny side up fried with teaspoon of olive oil add spinach and half a cup of cottage cheese. Everyday
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    Newb here , wanted to introduce

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    New Member Intro

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