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  1. JD70

    First Cycle

    Hell yes its almost double! I noticed a difference in my TRT when it went from 200 to 150. 350 will be great the 1st cycle as long as you're a decent responder to testosterone
  2. JD70

    One Of Our Brothers is Hurting

    I'm sorry for your loss Tommy, it's hard. I lost my dad in 2013 and miss him and try to focus on the good memories. God bless you and family
  3. JD70

    My Next Hypertrophy Cycle

    Since you're taking Mast I personally wouldn't add Proviron. They're both DHT but Mast is anabolic and will add some strength, where Proviron isn't anabolic but helps with sides (like Mast). Just my take on it. Save $ on Proviron and up the Mast if desired, it works for me. That is a great cycle
  4. JD70

    Anadrol VS Dbol

    Anadrol 50mg is my favorite. I get too bloated and gyno symptoms on dbol. Drol doesn't do that to me and adds a lot of strength. However I don't go as high with test as I used to either so that added to the sides while on dbol. Superdrol is good too without those sides but anadrol works best for...
  5. JD70

    Best methods to fix crashed gear.

    I had a lab owner tell me to just put the vial directly on the stove eye for a few seconds and it works
  6. JD70

    Test, Tren, Masteron and Anadrol cycle (Low dose)

    The suggestions sound wise to me but I have to be honest the best cycle I ran was with tren, test, and drol, moderate doses. Maybe good after your surgery. I also don't run tren over 6 weeks and orals 4 or so, split into 2 weeks at a time with a month break for longevity (I'm in my 50s). I don't...
  7. JD70

    Looking for a beginner Test E and Tren E cycle

    Tren can be a killer, especially of relationships, but if you're dead set on it I suggest around 100mg tren per week and try tren a at 1st in case you don't like the sides because it will leave your body quicker, just a few days, but tren e sides will last a week or more. It sounds like a small...
  8. JD70

    This topic belongs in the pit - But its here.. Wives, mature old wives 45+ (mental health) menopause - WTF

    My 1st wife went thru menopause, untreated, and it was hell, like she hated me and lost all desire for sex. Then my second wife never went through it or will since she had a historectomy and got on estradiol (she's just crazy sometimes but nothing like the other one). You said yours is on hrt...
  9. JD70

    First cycle

    No pct if you stay on 150mg test. Pct is to get your natural test going but it won't as long as you're taking any outside test. I'm on 150mg Prescribed trt and cycle 3 months on, 3 on trt dose
  10. JD70

    Blood work on AG Test C 250mg

    Gotcha I can't see too well and left my reading glasses in the car. Getting older is a bitch
  11. JD70

    Anyone Use a Low Dose of DHB...

    I use a hair dryer to warm it in the syringe but definitely mix it with test, npp, deca, etc
  12. JD70

    Free testosterone

    Free testosterone is the more important number, it is the testosterone that is not bound and used by the body
  13. JD70

    Blood work on AG Test C 250mg

    Am I seeing it right- your free testosterone is higher than total?
  14. JD70

    This was my 'recommended stack' first cycle.

    Agreed, even 200mg is very noticeable. If I could go back and do over I'd say 250-300mg Test only, then many options for future cycles (500 test, test + deca, test + deca + dbol or anadrol (my fav), etc
  15. JD70

    cycle advice

    I like lower doses and wouldn't go too high with npp and tren since they're both nandrolones, but I really like running low tren with npp or deca. I'd keep tren 200 or less (150) and npp 300. Very little experience with DHB but if I used it with these I'd try 200-300. I'd use test too, probably 300+
  16. JD70

    Anyone Use a Low Dose of DHB...

    If it ain't broke don't fix it! I love lower dose cycles it beats my 150mg test trt and at 52 I'd like to keep doing a couple cycles a year as long as possible. I tried DHB a while ago but couldn't take the pip but want to again and dilute it better with another compound.
  17. JD70

    Ment cycle critique

    I plan on trying it this year and it's my understanding AIs don't work as well with trest/ment and ralox or nolva is needed for gyno prevention. I plan on a low dose similar to yours (70-100 a week) with mast which also may help with e sides
  18. JD70

    Hack Beginner Cycle: Test/Deca/Mast

    Looks good to me but if your 1st cycle was awesome at 300mg Test why not just do 400-500 test? Or just add deca or mast and no oral? (or only add the oral to test)? The reason being it'll be noticeably better and give you room to build on future cycles, and you'll know how each drug...
  19. JD70

    Good morning to you all

    Welcome to ASF