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  1. beastmode1985


    its important to note here that getting a "pump" does not necessarily mean you are stimulating growth,, and stimulating growth is the only way to build a bigger bicep or any other body part for that matter,, so with this thread id recommend taking all 3 of these to failure if you want to see...
  2. beastmode1985

    Tren Time

    ahh tren ,, the end all be all ,, so they say, just make sure you eat enough carbs or you will go flat,, and ill just say this now,, dont worrie , in a few days to a week, you will start to think everyone is looking at you, or talking shit, or that your woman is banging the mailman,,, but dont...
  3. beastmode1985

    Looking for a beginner Test E and Tren E cycle

    take it from someone who took the tren e . train twice,, its not gonna do what you think its gonna,, every new guy thinks "oh i gotta play catch up , so lets try to add size tomorrow" you will only gain so much , and if you dont eat enough carbs on tren , you wil go flat,, do you have any...
  4. beastmode1985

    Shut up and squat Sally Struthers

    bullshit , you are idiots,, dorian yates never squated , only leg press , so please take your biden fake news elsewhere
  5. beastmode1985

    Deca only

    deca only = dumbass,, could it work? sure i guess , but dont expect too much from it, and the hair loss thing? if you are worried about your hair than ped's arent for you, cuz its gonna get ya if your prone to losing hair. a test-E only cycle at 700 to 900 mg a wk ,, you will gain so much...
  6. beastmode1985

    Ventrogluteal Injection

    i use 1 inch in the delts forever , and injected up to 3ml at a time,, altho i have pretty killer delts ,, i even used a 1 1\2 inch when i had nomore needles,, never hit bone
  7. beastmode1985

    Thigh injection

    i have to lmfao on this one,, my first shot 3 yrs ago was of 500mg test e,, i did a 2ml dose to "front load",, didnt know that the high mg test would have pip,, anyway,i injected right where you did,, and within 8 hrs i started to feel something ,, by the next day my leg was twice thie size of...
  8. beastmode1985

    High Reps Vs. Low Reps, The Science!

    its really a matter of how long you want to be in the gym everyday,.. do lighter weight and lots of reps,, = at gym for 3 hrs.not so dense... lower reps high weights = less time at gym . more density
  9. beastmode1985

    Debate #5....Tren..pros vs. cons..!!

    i now have back hair my woman has to shave because of tren, i ran 500mg wk tren e,,, .. that and always thinking everyone is talking shit on you , and my womans cheating on ,me, ,, did i look good? dam good, but ive done it twice and never again,, just not worth the sides,, unless you can...
  10. beastmode1985

    Gh worth it to you?

    i think its important to note that when we say gh we mean gh ,, not mk677 ,,, altho they claim it works the same ,, its simply not true,, kinda like sarms vr peds
  11. beastmode1985

    DG got my vote

    well as most of you may know , im a pcom guy , so alot of my gear is only that,, but there are other things i get and sometimes i need them now, or i dont need 100 of somthing,and i only need a few, so thats when i go to DG. now this bitcoin thing still has me in a loop,, i have no idea...
  12. beastmode1985

    Syringe size for aas

    i use 1 1\2 inch 25 g for my glutes ,, i used 1 inch and found id get leakage , so i went back to 1 1\2 ,, im not sure about how id go about pinning my flutes tho,, its like hitting a unicorn i hear
  13. beastmode1985

    Experience/Opinions on Boldenone

    when i ran it , i started at 300mg wk,, ended up doing 600mg wk , , that was where i felt the gains shined, 300 was ok but 600 put some weight on my bench and also made my look a bit better,, so imo its better to run eq at 500mg wk and up,, and i ran 600mg wk for about 6 months, never gave blood ,
  14. beastmode1985

    Orders! Important info

    just used the new website ,its simple ,fast, no frills , get what you want and get it to your door fast, you and pcom are my go to source
  15. beastmode1985

    Has gear changed your facial features ?

    yea i too have a "fat head " effect.. looking at pics 4 yrs ago till now i can see it ,,like wtf lol
  16. beastmode1985

    Not Achieving Your Fitness Goals? Why Sleep Might Be the Answer

    i also think that otc sleeping pills and other sleep aids can and should be used to get a full nights rest
  17. beastmode1985

    What’s your go to Winter Bulking Cycle

    i think i might run like 800 test e, 300 deka ,, prolly thorw some dbol as well,, i dunno tho, this past year sucked cuz i have no spleen so i get sick easy as fuck, so i caught covid 3 times, (the last one was at the end of my test undecenoate trial run and fucked that all to hell) so...
  18. beastmode1985

    my glutes are tired of all the cc’s

    i use 1 inch 25 g for lats,, my glutes i started using an 1inch 25g as well ,, i was using 1 1\2 inch but i felt it was over kill
  19. beastmode1985

    I Hate Tren!

    i used it twice,, and now , my wife has to shave my back,, never ever ever have i had hair on my back,, now its as hair as my ass :unsure:
  20. beastmode1985

    Tom Platz Reveals His Two-Compound Steroid Cycle

    when you really break it down,, if you were going to the O .. or the arnold,, and you wanted to try to get first,, , would you just do a little of this and a pill , or would you be like ,,( wel so and so is doing this much,, so i want an even playing field, so im upping the dose ... he did...