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  1. JackShack

    Asian Fever

    This one is mine, I felt like flexing today. If I can convince her to do a bikini show maybe we will post progress.
  2. JackShack

    Touchdown Success!

    Nice little Sampler Pack, might have to stock up with the BOGO going on! Started the Primo and GH, Smooth and after 1 week starting to get those good Primo Vibes! 🔥 300 mg TE, 250 Primo per week plus 10 mg Cardarine and 2 iu GH per day
  3. JackShack

    Touchdown Success!

    Waiting for part 2 of my shipment and then I will post a picture. Had to add on a few more goodies after my initial order.
  4. JackShack

    Touchdown Success!

    That’s what I hear! Hope the gold top GH is good too 🤞
  5. JackShack

    Touchdown Success!

    Got my first AG TD today and can’t wait to get off work so I can go open it up. Feel like a kid on Christmas morning haha 😂 will follow up with some gear porn of my TD later today.
  6. JackShack

    Dr. Seeds interview - Peptides and health

    If you all have not listened to this podcast with Dr. Seeds it is definitely worth a listen. Fascinating stuff that we could all benefit from.
  7. JackShack

    How can Thymosin Beta4 (TB500) improve recovery, inflammation, neuropathies, fibrosis, telomerase and senescent cell removal?

    Just started running TB 500 and BPC 157 systemically, sub q admin. So far seems to be working and have done so with good effects in the past with just BPC.
  8. JackShack

    Swiss Chems

    I have used them for peptides in the past but they are expensive, only other sight I have used for peptides and sarms is amino asylum, which wasn’t bad and is cheap with a discount code, plenty out there. I mostly buy come sources here now if I can but I get my Telmisartan from Swiss still since...
  9. JackShack

    Gold tops.

    Get while the gettin is good! I will be running it at 2 to 3 iu per day. Mainly for additional fat loss for the next 4 weeks to peak before my vaca in July. Also, throwing in 10 mg of AG cardarine to assist while i turn up the fasted cardio in the AM.
  10. JackShack

    AG Test E Bloodwork

    That Damn! Great combo, have done the same but at much lower dosages and felt amazing! DHB is my go two when I want a little more kick than Primo. Thanks for sharing.
  11. JackShack

    Gold tops.

    Ordered my first kit of Gold tops as well, can’t wait to start. Will be adding it on top of 250 test 200 primo and 100 NPP per week.
  12. JackShack

    Homebrew Walkthrough - Make your Own Test Prop (also E and C)

    Thank you for this! I actually just found your other post on this. Wayback machine for the win!
  13. JackShack

    Homebrew Walkthrough - Make your Own Test Prop (also E and C)

    Anyone having trouble using the BassKiller website?
  14. JackShack

    Shoutout to AG!

    Pretty awesome I must say
  15. JackShack

    Battousai's Log

    Let’s go! Keep up the hard work!
  16. JackShack

    Who uses whatman filters?

    Good to know, I may end up trying something similar
  17. JackShack

    Who uses whatman filters?

    Could you do a castor and MCT blend?
  18. JackShack

    Primo homebrew??

    I am starting this way….
  19. JackShack

    Anyone Used PRIMO from AG

    Test, Primo, and NPP is my stack of choice. Great synergies between them and minimal to zero sides at the dosages I run, plus can run them for a good period of time while maintaining health bloods. 250 test 200 primo and 100 NPP per week. I seem to not be able to run NPP much higher or I start...
  20. JackShack

    Homebrew Thread: Recipes, advice, general discussion...

    Do I have to use EO in lower concentration brews like this 100mg/ml Primo and 200mg/ml testC? Want to keep it GSO, BA, and BB only.