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  1. Rot-Iron66

    Real Gym

    I cant even drive by a PF without feeling the gheyness leaking from that place...
  2. Rot-Iron66

    Hunters laptop

    Pant-Shitter is so corrupt, its brutal... Why don't Dems admit it the obvious (lying corrupt traitor) and stop whining about a guy who isn't president? Are they that weak-minded?
  3. Rot-Iron66

    Member needs help accessing bloodwork in Maine

    LabCorp is in Maine, and uses them for their tests... I get complete bloods w/ testosterone, etc for 115.00 or so...
  4. Rot-Iron66

    Pant-Shitter can't read too good...

  5. Rot-Iron66

    New member from Boston

    Love the N. End... We go here on occasion...
  6. Rot-Iron66

    CoronaVirus Vaccine
  7. Rot-Iron66

    Well heres my training, critique me

    No one can critique your training until actually seeing you train. Its not the routine, its what one puts into it. All routines work if the intensity is maximized. Too many just do pump reps and put it down at 10, etc... Not saying you do, just giving you an example. Ive seen the best routines...
  8. Rot-Iron66

    Anyone heard of H Square?

    :(:confused: :cautious: :unsure: :rolleyes:
  9. Rot-Iron66

    The Shitters Border

    Shitter Admin gives legal status to almost 500K illegal migrants. Pieces of pure shit this clown libturd admin...
  10. Rot-Iron66

    India in lockdowns for new virus - Fauchi developing vaccine in Maryland?

    All wars are because of fake religions and sky-wizards... Nothing there will help prevent one... Only the cause...
  11. Rot-Iron66

    Resting heart rate

    You talk to fake sky-wizards that don't exist??? I simply went for a calcium score test... :unsure:
  12. Rot-Iron66

    Coming Up on a 44 Year Goal..

    You're the fucking man brother Z!! Inspirational!
  13. Rot-Iron66

    The Official Fuck Joe Biden Thread

    Demturdz are the most insane kult of retardz in history. At least pubtards speak out against their own "party".
  14. Rot-Iron66

    India in lockdowns for new virus - Fauchi developing vaccine in Maryland?

    If Demturdz keep giving away trillions to foreign countries, maybe our SS would be more secure. Pubtards taking it away is a lie that Demturdz like to spiel (as they corrupt our nation)... Pubturdz are no better, but mindless libs only see things from one side, their own. No critical thinking...
  15. Rot-Iron66

    age and time between sets?

    Lifting isnt cardio, you go again when youre ready...
  16. Rot-Iron66

    Best way to buy gear (online vs in person vs home brew )(no sources)

    I'd say if you need to ask, you're too dumb to figure out anything... Need to start deleting these mornic threads...
  17. Rot-Iron66

    Lifters in recovery

    Gave up booze (cold turkey) 4 years ago after 40 years (age 13 to 53) of pounding it. (Not smart doing cold turkey, ended up going for an ambulance ride). But also the best thing I ever did (quit). I was a functional alchy since day 1, from my very first beer. Last 5-10 years of using, I was...
  18. Rot-Iron66

    Where is the dude who walks....

    Kooky Religious cults and fake sky wizards...
  19. Rot-Iron66

    OK..Person Record's..And Whatever Were You Taking..??

    This year, in same day (mock gym meet with partners) I did: 355 bench 500 DL 500 SQ 125 mg TRT (age 57, weighing 200)... Nothing great or special, but good for me (a weakling).
  20. Rot-Iron66

    What's next on the global agenda?

    Pervy Joe the Pant-Shitter