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  1. Androgenocide

    Who would like to be coached by me and sponsored by Hammer & Bell?

    This will be big for someone. Huge opportunity
  2. Androgenocide

    How many of you compete?

    I’m competing for least impressive physique on ASF. Pretty sure I’m winning
  3. Androgenocide

    Contest TD

    Thanks man, I’m getting all my ducks in a row to get the most out of it
  4. Androgenocide

    Bioactive TD 🧬🦠☠️

    How many A-bombs is that? 5,000?
  5. Androgenocide

    Guess who is back

    Well this thread went well 😂
  6. Androgenocide

    Contest TD

    I’ve been busy but I’m finally posting up my big contest TD from PSL’s awesome design a cycle contest. Everything arrived quickly and discretely. All the gear is packaged nicely and the oils all look pristine. I’m in between blasts at the moment but I plan on logging my experience with PSL’s...
  7. Androgenocide

    Lifters in recovery

    I’m an ex-addict. It is extremely common for weightlifters
  8. Androgenocide

    One week out!

    He looks sick
  9. Androgenocide

    21M - I tried Tren Ace at 10mg for my first and second time while training at the gym and felt my performance improved, how should I start a cycle?

    1. Pyramid cycling is dumb 2. You’re not far enough in your lifting career for steroids 3. Tren only is going to seriously fuck you up. Throw that shit in the garbage and focus on lifting and eating.
  10. Androgenocide

    Fat Liberation...

    They should liberate themselves from their obese bodies
  11. Androgenocide

    Let’s talk nz

    I’d recommend using anyone else
  12. Androgenocide


    @Fletcher You dose the parabolan every ten days, right?
  13. Androgenocide

    "When you have a moment alone" music...

    These songs provide the literal soundtrack to our lives. It’s amazing how they can trigger our memories.
  14. Androgenocide

    "When you have a moment alone" music...

    Damn, I haven’t heard about Napalm Death for YEARS. I still prefer Death Metal when it comes to the hard stuff though…
  15. Androgenocide

    "When you have a moment alone" music...

    My chill music as of late has been The Cure and The Smiths. Feel free to tell my how gay I am, it’s fine.
  16. Androgenocide

    Cut mix

    It’s because a week has an odd number of days…
  17. Androgenocide


    Came in here to say this ^^
  18. Androgenocide

    Sexual Partners

    No he doesn’t post here
  19. Androgenocide

    Sexual Partners

    he doesnt post here unfortunately. its too bad cause im sure he could give everybody some pointers