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  1. chrismadsen

    Is Organic Food A Scam?

    I don't think organic food is a scam, and I hate when people assume that. I have increased the amount of organic food in my diet, and I have seen a massive difference since then. For example, each morning I start with a smoothie, and I always add some beet powder. It is perfect since it has no...
  2. chrismadsen

    Is Organic Food A Scam?

    I think the powders are easier to implement in your food, and they have amazing effects on your health. The only problem is finding them.
  3. chrismadsen

    California gives more free healthcare to illegals

    People, come on, how is it possible. Your taxes go to the army, to all sorts of things that are destructive to humanity, and you're sorry about health care. Illegals can be illegal for a reason other than their own. They could have been brought in by force. Or they may have overstayed their visa...
  4. chrismadsen

    Post your current diet/cycle/routine/goal

    So, now I am a low carb diet, the results are starting to show up. I am going to gym 3 times a week, 2 days rest between trainings, to give my body time to recover the muscle tissues. The days when I am not going to the gym, I am making hcg injections, in order to...
  5. chrismadsen

    Why it's easier to re-grow previously trained muscles (how muscle memory works)

    If you practiced sports when you were younger, it would be much easier for you if you try right now. Muscles have their memory, and if you had an injury, it would be harder to train. I use every time I have an injury or want to have relaxed muscles. They have the best ointments and...