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    Welcome to the forum friend.
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    Hello from Jomo.

    Welcome to the forum friend
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    Ever have a prostate exam?

    I feel like he was teaching me a lesson to not waste his time I got nothing but the finger. that being said he was polite and dried my ass off with a towel from the extra lube he had to use. I feel like it was the same towel he used on the guy before me.
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    Test Cream / Gel?

    why not just run injections of TRT in-between cycles? isnt it the same thing?
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    Ever have a prostate exam?

    not only did the TRT dr in urology not give me a blood letting script or even test my testosterone. he also fondled my balls and stuck his finger in my butt. however he said my prostate was good LOL
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    Starting a new Cycle

    @maxmuscle1 Hey Max, My middle name is actually Max and I gone by it my entire life <3. Doc was actually super nice. he said he would test me in 6 months. I just found it weird he let me go knowing my alternative was to do blood letting myself and keep doing TRT myself. witch im not opposed...
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    New member hgh test kit ?

    I second Ironlion great price for HGH. also Ace Labs if you need it Domestic.
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    Unbelievable Promo: Free Products + US DOMESTIC Shipping - No Limits!

    Wait im late to the party I like free stuff. am I reading this right pay 30$ shipping and order as many as you want?
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    Starting a new Cycle

    I'm sad I was 160 thought I was doing pretty good LOL but I do wanna loose more body fat. I have done masteron with TRT before but I def can see how adding Dbol and NPP both as new compounds could create a problem not knowing witch one is causing it.
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    Starting a new Cycle

    So ive done two cycles of 500mg when I was younger and was eating whatever I wanted and well needless to say I had little results and the 2nd cycle I went to jail in the middle of it. One was at 20 and the other was at like 29. This time I started on TRT and dropped weight and got healthy...
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    Starting a new Cycle

    Just got back from the Urology TRT dr. What a worthless visit he told me to lower my dose too and wouldn't give me a therapeutic donation. however he said come back in 6 months and he will test me so there is that. Free tests in 6 months LOL I dont even think 200mg a week is super high of a...
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    Getting enough calories in

    thats a great backstory love the product already! my mom had cancer too and beat it <3
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    Anabolic to Testosterone

    now lets go even farther the amount of liquid in the top 3 that you need to inject compared to the bottom 6 is astronomical. For example Test C at 250mg to inject 375mg you will do 1.5ml's to do the same amount of Prop you would need to do 3.75ml's
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    Getting enough calories in

    wow thats actually a great ratio 500calories for 4oz of water.
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    Getting enough calories in

    oh thats super shitty. im sorry :( didnt even think about the surgery I apologize.
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    Water Intake

    I drink absolutely no water. that being said I Drink Black Tea pretty much all day long. Water makes me want to gag I have no idea why it just is booboo like alcohol.
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    Which Carrier Oil Do You Prefer?

    I like MCT right now but I get a bump for 1 day after injection I wonder if changing carrier would change that. or maybe everyone gets a little bump lol.
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    Getting enough calories in

    what is your issue with eating? Taste? not hungry? I mean my mom eats like a bird she just isnt hungry tho lol I tell her I eat when im not hungry I just eat LOL.
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    Anabolic to Testosterone

    the amount less you get is negligible I prefer multiple ester tests. like ATIPP and still gotta try Sustanton. OK..... Each Testosterone is attached to a ester. The testosterone is all the same..... The ester dictates how long it stays in your system. thats it for today's session.