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    Been a while boys

    Just popping in to say "hi". I know, it's not a bus station, no need to announce my arrival. Been 5-6 years since I've been active here and in the gym. I had broken my ankle and it laid me up for 6 months and after that my work life took over. But I'm back at it now, been hitting it hard for...
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    My sex life officially sucks..

    This is common. Been married 21 years and the last 6-7 the sex life has been dismall IMO. It's so routine it hurts. I almost never initiate anymore because she's asleep by 9:30 or makes mention of a headache or backache as we go upstairs, so whats the point. Then she asks why she's the one...
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    Training stlyes and splits?

    Day 1 - Legs Power Day 2 - Push power (chest/shoulders) Day 3 - Pull power (back) Day 4 - off Day 5 - Legs hypertrophy Day 6 - Upper Body hypertrophy w/ blood flow restriction bi's/tri's Day 7 - off
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    How well do you tan?

    Being Italian w/ olive skin tones I tan super easy. Lets me fit in w/ all the mexicans in town.
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    Karate vs bodybuilder

    I'll take the odds on the skilled MA fighter every time. The caveat is the "skilled" part. To many MA schools now are just money factories and pump out black belts like it's a hobby. I have two friends that have kids >11 yrs old that have earned their black belts...GTFO. I'm a second degree...
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    Home Gym Sourcing

    I have a Rogue Monster Lite 3 rack...many more options of them now than when I purchased: I bought one of their bumper sets as well so I wouldn't destroy my floor in the garage, but also have 300# of steel weights as...
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    Please help me plan my first cycle, thanks!

    Listen to Big Rich...solid advice there. I'll add, your diet isn't on point if you're not gaining at 10-15% surplus. You're not calculating something right. I'm training a kid for the last year now and I've put 30lbs on him by changing his diet and giving him the was everything...
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    Satellite vs Cable?

    For the record, do not use a providers modem with built in wifi...have them disable the wifi and buy your own router. Get this: or the...
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    Satellite vs Cable?

    I have 60mb/s that can be had around me. It's enough for PSVue streaming through a Roku box. Also have Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Rarely have streaming issues but I do have the best wifi router available, which may be some of your guys issues.
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    Anyone laid stone?

    I'd consider either granite/marble for the counter tops or do a homemade cement counter tops. More durable and better for the application than redwood. Keep us posted on the progress.
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    Goddamn unions

    I enjoyed this post...was some good popcorn action... I grew up in a house/family of union members. My father was a pipefitter at Detroit Edison and all my uncles were UAW in Ford and GM. So I have plenty of stories. My Grandfather was management (white collar) in Ford so I had that...
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    Blender..Mine sucks!!!!

    I was burning through Oster and Hamilton Beach blenders every 6 mo, so we bought a Vitamix...thing is a tank and we've had it 3 years now. Still has 4 years left on the warranty.
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    RACISM :coffee:

    when my kids started school (12 years ago) we decided to put them in private school...for a better environment. Where I live the student population in the public school was 87% black/mexican or mixed. State average at that time was 18%. We are a minority here. After 5 years of private school...
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    Barbell Drag Curls - how do yo do em?

    I do them in a smith machine as well. Most smith machines aren't dead vertical so I'm on the side so the path moves into me. Focus on pushing the elbows behind you when you curl up, squeezing for 1-2 seconds at the top. It's more of an isolation exercise for me so I don't go to heavy, the...
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    Textures..I'm getting sick of it!

    My kids laugh because when they make tuna salad I tell them it smells like dirty cooch....I told them they'll understand soon enough (17 and 18)...the wife gets pissed.
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    Memory lane thread! Fallen sources that were great

    "Don't look back, you're not going that direction."
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    Women, how to live with them....

    Going on 21 years of marriage. It's more like we're roommates anymore and not Hus/Wife...kinda sad really. We've put each other through tons of shit. The thing that pisses me off is when we argue she'll bring shit up from long ago to throw in my face...shit I don't even remember and was...
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    Keto suggestions

    I'm starting a carb cycling/keto diet this coming weekend....3 days of keto eating, 4th day carb refeed. No way I can go full on keto for extended time, my body processes carbs well and I don't want to lose to much size while doing this. My 17 yr old son is doing it with me, he wants to lean...
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    Keto suggestions

    The only protein numbers that might be right is the Meal 5, all the others are wacked.
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    Exciting news!!