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  1. theestone - We Save Balls!

    I can't imagine any trimmer not nicking my saggy sack, just sayin. It's physics.
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    Trying to build upper chest

    Low incline bench press barbell and dumbell, as well as overhead press.
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    Let's see your heavy metal

    I got a 20ga for home defense. Want to add to the collection eventually. 3001'st post evidently.
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    Deadlift toes pointing outward?

    You'll probably be fine, just make sure you're using good form otherwise. Sumo Deadlifts are a great exercise to add to your routine.
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    Triceps tendon tear

    I have not. But wish your friend the best.
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    Are forums dead?

    Hell yeah. A/S/L ?
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    I like my tofu deep fried.
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    Sustanon + Turinabol, 3d day, bad joints pain, why ??? need help

    Possible your just getting sick? I've never gotten cough, runny nose etc(but haven't read much of what can happen) It's not actual flu, but just the sore body ache feeling. If it's test flu it should go away in a couple days.
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    Sustanon + Turinabol, 3d day, bad joints pain, why ??? need help

    Is it just joint pain. And not an overall body ache? Possible "test flu" if your not talking just pain in the joints.
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    Does it matter how soon after your pin you get labs done?

    What are the goals of the blood test? If its just to check how your doing, not too critical in relation to when you pin. If it's to see if your test is legit, then you should be pinning and getting your test on a certain schedule.
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    Skinny's Worthless Workouts

    Ain't nothing wrong with that.
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    2018 Spring Shredder - PHILL

    Diced to the socks.
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    small gains on first cycle

    You pinning it wrong! GICH
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    Laid off

    That sucks brother. Really sorry to hear that. Looking for a job is a PITA. Like mentioned. Look a bit every day.
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    Orals- effective? Yay or nay

    Isn't that the truth. Nothing beats feeling good.
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    half life in men vs women

    I'd be willing to bet. Based on what I've seen and a common sense. That it leans more towards it depending what the compound is. That said, by and large, i would certainly error on the side of men processing at a higher rate overall.
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    Anyone paying Alimony?

    It'll be some of the best money you ever spent. Remember that. It's fucking BS though I would be mad Your situation as described, I'd be livid.
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    Real Pharma?

  19. theestone

    Real Pharma?

    Probably a typo and supposed to be 18%. Also prob not from a legit compounding pharmacy.
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    Skinny's Worthless Workouts

    I've been using Dr jekyll as well, for the lower stims. I add a 1g scoop of Agmatine to it. It's been treating me well. "Super Bio Freak OMG" is one I tried recently, it's hands down the best pre workout I've used. My buddy had it, but it's 60 bucks online. So I'm waiting till he gets more :)...