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    14 week Show prep log using Muscleshop gear

    That's so awesome! Congrats!!!
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    You can stick "May the 4th be with you" up your ass.

    Star Wars was totally awesome when it came out. I've generally always enjoyed the books better than the movie to some degree however this one was an exception. The only problem I have now is why did I want to whip the weasel to Princess Leia? Kind of disgusted with myself about that. The...
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    It's weird. I don't even remember how I learned this it's been so long. Is it common sense? Respect for another large animal? Tend to think it's common sense as you can see the person looking at their movement in the mirror so you respect that. You don't see animal intensity from too many...
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    Does Bread Serve A Purpose?

    "Let them eat bread!" Hmmm... or was that cake?
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    330 at 81 years old

    Old man strength right there. No excuses. Exercise until you die.
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    Happy Easter ASF

    Happy Easter!!!
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    Thick or Thin?

    That's ok. Getting it twice in the same day is never a bad thing. You're doing good work.
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    Strength sex and masturbration

    I believe the study below was supported by those hoping to further emasculate us. Encouraging more 'whipping of the weasel' thereby hurting our workouts. A number of studies have found that greater ejaculation frequency is associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer. One such study...
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    A look at a few advantages of owning a home gym

    Awesome home gym ideas. For those w/o ac consider adding a mini split ac to make it bearable during the hot months.
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    Favorite Christmas Movie 🎄☃️

    A Christmas Carol - the 1938 version.
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    Condescending cunts

    What a shame you can't respect guys freely sharing the gift of experience. Even guys who have a vested interest in selling product won't tell you different - in your best interest, not theirs. I wish this kind of information was available to me some decades ago. It's a huge benefit if you...
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    IV Vitamin drip; vitamin shot; or just oral vitamins?

    So, I've been a little under the weather for a few days; right before the Holiday's of course; and a friend suggested an IV vitamin drip. If anyone has experience with these things I'd be interested in how effective they are; what to take; and whether an injection can be as effective. In...
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    Your go to for EDC?

    G23. Simple is good if things get exciting!
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    Yarishna. 1 day away

    What's the good news? She'll spit on it first???
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    Nick Walkers legs

    What is it and what's it from?
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    Rat. Piece of S**T

    Love it. Some things are still settled in the street.
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    Yes, their not cheap. It's the noise cancelling that's magic. The sound is awesome but if you haven't tried real noise cancelling you'll be amazed. A friend of mine purchases them from Best Buy; gets the warranty from the geek squad, and returns them for a swap after a couple of years when...
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    WHO admits the lockdowns were a lie

    I think we all got a little off topic. The article was "They lied to us". Bullshit reporting and skewed journalism swings both ways - far left and far right- and I'm not a fan of either. The article doesn't indicate that the WHO or any of the professionals lied. It suggests they made...