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    My Protein 40 percent off

    Thanks for the heads up, I will be trying my protein for the first time.
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    Fast X is fucking horrible

    I live my life one 1ml at a time
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    Might start HGH just to help heal my tennis elbow

    methylprednisolone acetate (depo medrol) Injection Will be gone in 24hrs. Sports therapy dr, insurance should cover.
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    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    Nice build, I would recommend the Larue 2 stage trigger, there price has come down over the last year and its a nice trigger, i roll it in my .300blk
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    Unbelievably smooth

    Thats a great blend from church, i have ran it twice 14-16 weeks with great results, it is smooth, definitely rotate inj sites because it will build up after a while, it did for me, keep diet tight and it will treat u well.
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    AR'S Let's talk about it!

    Aero precision lower, bcm upper. 556 Full aero 8" 300 blk out sbr will larue 2 stage trigger and silencerco can. Haven't trained much lately, need too though.
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    Insulin-Yes or No

    Just getting my feet wet. First time, seeing how things were going to go.
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    Insulin-Yes or No

    I just ran it for the first time last month, i ran it post workout for 4 weeks, started at 3iu ended at 7iu 10grams dextrose with evey iu. Didn't gain any fat at all, my diet is perfect, felt like mucles filled out a little,. nothing major though.I would do it again, I had no issues. I did...
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    Easy Way...

    I hate hearing this shit because yall at GC are 100% A+ You guys always treat me like a good friend. You know its some young kid or pos, anybody thats been in the game for any amount of time would never be like that. We all know how lucky we are to have sources like you in this day and age...
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    Closed until Jan 2-Merry Christmas-Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas GC Thanks for another great year...
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    Great communication, speedy shipping items just as described Thanks
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    Christmas Gifts

    Heads up ldog there on sale this week at Walgreens
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    Both mine and wife dr didn't even know the difference or benefits of telmisartan compared to other except half life, thay didn't care about switching, it was just ok give it a try and let me know if any problem.
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    Wes is the man, i ordered a few weeks ago first time and he helped me out through the ordering process, his comunication was great. Running liv.52 evey day, christian, trump supporter great service and product, im now a faithful customer. Thanks Wes
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    I just switched a few months ago to telmisartan 40mg before bed every night, i used to take verapamil 40mg evey night before bed for years. I was using it for aura migraines & blood pressure, not to many migraines anymore, so i switched to telmisartan for blood pressure and the other benefits it...
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    Has anybody experienced Tren cough without Tren?

    Had it a while back with just test cyp. Injected into ventrogluteal, come on right after pulling needle out.
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    So good!!! Who can dig it???

    Just listened to some Jinjer and infected rain at gym tonight 🤘
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    Cialis/Viagra dose for High BP

    Why take 5 different supplements hoping to lower bp, just go to dr. They love putting people on bp meds, I do 40mg of telmisartan evey night. Has like 23 hour half life so helps all day, Cialis might lower bp for a few, but wont control in 24 hour periods. Also bp meds are cheap as hell. I also...
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    Just placed an order U got my support