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    WIN FREE BIG BANG 2.0 preworkout samples - NO Purchase Necessary - GYMnTONIC

    Damn your on a hot streak didn’t you win something not long ago to
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    Futuristic Mercedes

    I love the crystal headlights, the interior is beautiful….. I see one around my town and it’s just a beautiful machine
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    Anavar side effect questions

    Ya this is fucked up, these doctors are convinced it’s changing of the testosterone brand, but I’ve changed brands numerous times, never have it done this, I won’t even go out in public, it’s effected my job, my bills, everything….. I won’t leave the house it’s very embarrassing, doctors say...
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    Futuristic Mercedes

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    Futuristic Mercedes

    Did anyone see the new BMW 7 series? That is a sick car
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    Any place you can buy stuff from?

    Get your reading glasses on
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    Trans Movement

    I got a place to live them either off a cliff or to Florida
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    Ford Unveils The New Gay Ranger Trim Package

    That can’t be real
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    Biden eats shit on stage, riddle me this?

    To bad he didn’t crack his skull
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    Should I be concerned?

    I ordered from naps about 5 yrs ago when I moved to a new area where I didn’t know anyone, I was looking online and found them and took a chance to dance, it took about a month but I got it. I don’t think they in the business to beat people, in our sponsor section you should be able to find the...
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    BTC help please!

    Banned? Wow that’s a first I heard that
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    BTC help please!

    You have to verify your ID on cash app before they let you send or receive bitcoin I had same issue
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    Fast X is fucking horrible

    I don’t like any of them, they all so unrealistic
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    My go to.

    I was looking at their price list, they carry Xanax 2mg….250 pills for 96$…. They go for 10-15$ each in the street.. that’s crazy they carry that
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    A hand? Jeez that’s crazy and foul at the same time
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    Penis enlargement and PEDs

    What is flomax?
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    I’m talking about uploading a resume and have it alter it or fix what needs to be fixed
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    I downloaded it to see what all the hype is, I thought it was like google or improve resumes, stuff like that but it’s hard as fuck to use. I can’t figure it out so I said fuck it
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    Anavar side effect questions

    Does anyone know if anavar hard on the liver? Since I got out of hospital I haven’t touched anything to see if this yellowish goes away I’m just trying to pinpoint what exactly set this off. Anavar only oral and I know some orals hard on the liver