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  1. Eddiesixpack

    Cjc1295/imap blend

    How much a day of the cjc/Ipamorelin blend are you taking a day now. Cycle etc. are you taking a break on the weekends?
  2. Eddiesixpack

    Almost Bought the Farm..Car Crash..

    Hell yeah. Cool and and instincts saved your life and your car. Maybe someone is telling you to slow down just a tad. Maybe it was a wake up call. Glad your ok.
  3. Eddiesixpack


    Hell yeah!!! Congratulations!!!
  4. Eddiesixpack

    How was everyone's holiday weekend?

    I’m excited to get away. Not really worried about catching anything but it will be nice if I do.
  5. Eddiesixpack

    How was everyone's holiday weekend?

    I worked but I’m taking off the next 2 days to go fishing.
  6. Eddiesixpack

    Full night of sleep

    I don’t sleep much. 5 hours is a good night. Slept 9 hours last night. It was amazing! I guess my body was just tired but also work 7 days a week for the most part. Trying to change that. Goal is 5 days off in a row every month.
  7. Eddiesixpack

    MT2 (Melanotan2) Service Warning

    I know 👀
  8. Eddiesixpack

    MT2 (Melanotan2) Service Warning

    Ok damn it you’ve done made too much of it. I want to see it. The picture.
  9. Eddiesixpack

    MT2 (Melanotan2) Service Warning

    True dat!!!!🤣🤣🤣
  10. Eddiesixpack

    Max’s log

    I’ve got a buddy I can see what he comes up with. He’s really talented at this kind of stuff. Of course only with @maxmuscle1 ‘s approval. EBL but it can’t be too out there. Subtle.
  11. Eddiesixpack

    MT2 (Melanotan2) Service Warning

    Being in the pool with a bunch of women is one thing. A pool full of kids is another. Although there was quite a few milfs it was still awkward.
  12. Eddiesixpack

    Sustanon 250 Dosage

    Draw the full amp up in the syringe and take half 175mg. Swap needles and take the remaining a couple of days later. Honestly you should be fine one a week with the full 250 but that’s your call. Others with way more experience will chime in.
  13. Eddiesixpack

    MT2 (Melanotan2) Service Warning

    A service warning or advisory has been issued for MT2 also known as Melanotan2. Do not take MT2 one day before going to a water park. Random and uncontrollable erections can and will occur at the most inappropriate times. Please use caution if you decide to use anyway when going to a crowded...
  14. Eddiesixpack

    Cjc1295/imap blend

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Stop looking at the scale and go by how you feel each day. Muscle weighs more than fat. Keep up the hard work. It will pay off. Just not over night
  15. Eddiesixpack

    Muscle & Fitness Chicks

    Oh God Damn!!!
  16. Eddiesixpack

    Anyone try TRT Plus yet?

    Pictures or it didn’t happen lol
  17. Eddiesixpack

    Music Festival in Tennessee

    Super nice offer coach.
  18. Eddiesixpack

    WIN FREE COLOGNE ( Contest #2 this week ) ORIGINAL SCENT by GYMnTONIC

    Guys this shits so good I sexually harassed myself.
  19. Eddiesixpack

    **WIN FREE COLOGNE** NO purchase necessary GYMnTONIC Supplements

    Oh Deeee! Congratulations!