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  1. bighuck

    Are you the biggest guy in your gym?

    Hearing you guys talk about SD, brings back a lot of good memories. I miss it like crazy. Loved living in Pacific Beach, walking the boardwalk and crystal pier. Full of beautiful people, everywhere! One of the best cities in the world!
  2. bighuck

    Accutane alternatives

    Ok, will do. Thanks!
  3. bighuck

    Accutane alternatives

    Perfect! Thank you. Appreciate the response. I see the code and email for you. Can I pm you with any questions before I order a few things?
  4. bighuck

    Full night of sleep

    I definitely relate. I go thru the same shit. Especially when tren is involved. (Now) I have found a fairly simple remedy that has helped me, at least stay asleep longer. SNAC nutrition zma nightcap, and zma the original. Both of those with a melatonin has definitely helped.
  5. bighuck

    What’s your favorite oral steroid?

    I gotta check out the pt 141 and melanotan. Never added it in yet. Seems to be the shit though!
  6. bighuck

    Accutane alternatives

    Tretinoin Cream??? I’ve been searching the different forums and sources here, and cannot seem to find Tretinoin cream. Does anyone know of a source that has Tretinoin topical cream?
  7. bighuck

    New member

    Welcome 🙏
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    The Easiest, Most Effective Conditioning Exercise

    My trainer has me start my warmups with several variations of these. Even though I feel goofy doing them, I’ve noticed they really do help my warmups. 👍.
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    Thought of the day!

    Wear sunscreen
  10. bighuck

    favorite inject and Oral?

    Curious, for those that like tbol. Did anyone experience wicked stomach pains/cramps? I was taking 50 mg/day and started feeling like something was trying to cut its way out of my stomach. Horrible. Haven’t touched it since. Only time an oral caused me so much pain.
  11. bighuck

    What’s your favorite oral steroid?

    Very nice 👌
  12. bighuck

    What’s your favorite oral steroid?

    I’m thinking about starting winny & var together. What oils, if any did you run with it? Curious to know a little more about your experience with it.
  13. bighuck

    They are TARGETing Your Children

    Masculinity is essential for survival.
  14. bighuck

    3 Powerhouse Exercises Better Than Benching

    Tried out the mighty pecs giant set earlier. Was amazed at how it blew up my chest, FAST! Loved every second of it. Thanks dragon slayer! 👊
  15. bighuck

    Anavar side effect questions

    That’s great, love it! 😂
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    👍 very good, thanks.
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    Curious what the topping is?
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    Perfect timing. She’s looking forward to making these for our Memorial Day weekend! 👌 Can’t wait to try ‘em or eat them all.
  19. bighuck

    Whats everyone training today

    Shoulders and legs today. Implementing some of the new/different shoulder movements to help alleviate shoulder pain.
  20. bighuck

    Hot Chicks at your gym

    🤣 I haven’t heard that in a minute. Love it She’s a bremelo.