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    I've had 2 shoulder surgeries which included bicep tendon repair. During recovery phase I run trt dose test and 2 IU'S of GH. I wouldn't do more than that like a cycle til 12 months post surgery. Take it real slow and follow your PT'S and doctors directions. Risk vs reward not worth being...
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    Optimal Anavar Dosaging -- Debate!

    I like running var at 40 per day on the front end of my cycles. I limit to 4 weeks to minimize liver toxicity and also its rough on the lipids. However this rebounds after stopping so short runs are my preference.
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    HGH storage

    Always in the fridge, heat is not good for it!
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    Can Tren E elevate my ALT to 600 in 1 month?

    I've pinned many bottles of pharmacon tren E and checked my blood work and can honestly tell you it consistently only raised my liver enzymes by 20 points give or take. This to be expected with a substance as pitenr as this. There products are rock solid- your claim is bunk! Probably a result of...
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    Basic has great products and service. I've never been disappointed with them very solid has been my experience. Love there Tren E
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    Carrier Oils

    Thanks for the response I have experience with grapeseed and definitely a fan!
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    Carrier Oils

    Is the Bayer castor oil super thick? Curious never tried any compound with this oil
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    AlanDomestic ZPHC 2+1 FREE SUPER SALE!!

    I can always go for some free tren and couple sides of that booty! Hell ya
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    T.D 1 of 2 this month

    Nice touchdown! Thanks for the gear porn....
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    Bicep Tendonitis

    I would take same time off and let the inflammation go down. I know it's hard to fathom but Imo your just making it worse by pressing on
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    Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield

    Thanks for the post and your honesty! I'm a little messed up and suffer from Bigorexia. Tomorrow is a new day.... Someone with muscle dysmorphia, or bigorexia, believes that they are small and skinny, despite being typically or even unusually muscular. They compulsively work out and control...
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    Pinning delts

    23 g 1 inch is what I use. No track marks never had a squirter! Guess I'm not as patient as some of you utilizing smaller gauge
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    Pre work out cheat code

    Sounds like a good recipe for my old lady prior to anal! Of course 6 -8 hr lead time and a good shower!
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    New guy here need some direction

    All these dudes are spot on oral only really bad idea! Find a good coach that can help you with your diet and training. This will be a much more productive approach to your quest of getting swole!
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    What do you eat pre workout?

    1/4 scoop cream of rice 1 scoop whey and tbl spoon pb 45 minutes pre-workout then bcaas and 25 grams carb powder during workout. Great pumps sustaining energy level!
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    Antibiotics you keep on hand, what’s best, or do you not bother?

    I don't keep any on hand, 20 yrs pinning with no issues. If sonething came up I would just go to urgent care! Keep it sterile buy gear from trusted sources and fresh pins always!
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    Ttokyo anabolics

    That was some of the first Deca I ran. I gained 30 lbs on that cycle shit was fire! Loved the bull dog in the packaging. Now when I run deca I refer to as im on the bull dog! Those were the days! Did Tokyo turn into quality vet?
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    3 weeks into tren e bloodwork?

    I would second CK on liver enzymes elevated and hematocrit and estro slightly higher. Probably not enough for a red flag unless your baseline numbers were already little on the high side
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    PREP IS THE WAY TO GO!! Get one [emoji3593]

    I've had 2 isolator bags there real good quality! Using a 6 pack one currently just to change it up. If i was to compare the 2 brands I would give the isolator fitness the 🏆 better quality material and zippers for sure in my opinion
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    Test E vs Test C

    I started years ago on enthanate and prefer it just for the mere fact that it's less likely to crash in storage. Used cyp many times don't notice any difference other than a couple crashed vials over the years. Test E test C both get the job done!