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    Blood work incentives and how to take bloods! Only at PSL - Let us PROVE the quality..

    PSL is on point and im sure the lads will show it. Looking forward for the results!
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    Was running mast e with the tren e. Didnt help.
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    My first run a few years back was 800mg tren e a week and 400mg test c. I was deep into that one before I started getting all these crazy side effects with sleep and paranoia. This time I started real slow and the side effects hit me within a week and a half. Was running tren e 100mg week and...
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    Im out, i will no longer use tren. Just now starting to feel normal. Sucks cause i have a few friends that do it with crazy results. One says he gets shortness of breath but thats it. The other one runs it with hgh. Does hgh help with any of the side effects of tren?
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    And that is a week
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    Just started test at 300 and tren at 200. This stuff is potential! Getting the same sides a few years ago when i ran tren at 800.
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    First night out cold lol
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    What milligram on the magnesium and melatonin?
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    This shit is super potent because I’m barely taking anything and already getting side effects. I know it’s the tren because a few years back it’s the same side effects when I ran tren before. I’ll go and grab some magnesium and see if it helps. Thanks for the info
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    A week and a half in and the last two nights could not sleep had to take NyQuil last night. For some reason my body becomes so hot that I can’t sleep and start tweaking out on the stuff. I have masteron. how much of that should I be taking to counter the side effects?
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    Dark Meat

    Teeteez like that, it dont matter what color!
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    Thick or Thin?

    Love big saggy titties
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    Latina Asses and Tits XXX

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    Biden’s cognitive issues are real.

    There is no way Biden will win. He is a joke!
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    Boobies and Booties!! 2.0
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    Thick or Thin?

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    Epstein Girls Cleansing Altar

    Looks like a documentary on Epstein is coming out on Netflix next week. Might have it on there.
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    Fucking Joe Biden

    Biden is a joke. The DNC wants Trump to have a second term. Lol
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    CDC changes the COVID-19 death toll from 60,000+ to 37,308

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe any of this shit. What do you think the agenda is?