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    SB Labs TD

    Just wanted to give a shout out to SB Labs, placed an ordernthe turn around time was very quick. Very happy with their services!
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    Calorie Intake

    I appreciate everyone’s input. I’m very happy I found this forum. I have been on this forum for 3 weeks and have gotten more useful information than my 3 years of lifting lol.
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    Calorie Intake

    Thanks man I’m deff gonna try this too. I have been stuck for awhile. My end goal is 220 -230 lbs. so I need to pack on the calories just have a hard time getting them down.
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    Calorie Intake

    I eat the same thing everyday too lol, that's looking like the plan. Thanks for your input.
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    Calorie Intake

    Thanks, I have used it before when I first started, and last year when I dirty bulked, I'll have to bring it again.
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    Calorie Intake

    Thanks man I’m definitely gonna try it.
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    Calorie Intake

    My body fat % is pretty low, if I had to guess I would say 10% I have a high metabolism. It’s just a matter of actually eating how much I’m supposed to.
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    Calorie Intake

    Hey guys just seeing if anyone has experience with or similar to my body type. But I’m 6”2 210lbs. What do you guys think my calorie count/intake should be? I eat around 3,000 now but I’m currently trying to put on weight I hit a plateau and am trying to push through. I guess what I’m asking is...
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    HGH Tops

    Learning about HGH and my friend and I see there are multiple colors "Tops". What does it mean where some sources have black, red, or gold tops? Is there a difference between each top? Interested in trying it somewhere down the line but always wandered what that meant..
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    My Son Hunter Full Trailer

    This will be great lol
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    Any suggestions on good vitamins to take while cycling?
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    Fully recovered.

    This gives me some hope, I’ve been blasting for a little over two years and I just turned 26, it got to the point where I got tired of pinning everyday. I leaned off and am currently running a pct cycle. God willing my levels go back to normal. And I’ll just do cycles the right way.
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    New To Online Source

    Thank you. Just tired of paying double the price I would normally pay lol rather just go right to the source. So far everyone has been welcoming and understanding.
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    I’m actually a recovering addict and now work with recovering addicts. It’s sad to see so many people come in and out, not get it right then die. A good friend of mine who just died has fentanyl laced with cocaine and died. It’s everywhere man and it’s so strong, you can only do fentanyl once...
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    New To Online Source

    So I have recently put an order with a company last night from these forums, I have never done this before online. (Tired of going through a middle man) Anyway I fulfilled my order last night and sent my shipping info this morning. On average how long does it usually take to receive tracking #
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    P Labs reviews?

    These guys are legit, I was actually getting this through a friend of mine and when he went to doctor and the doctor said “you’re on some good shit huh?” I also have used this brand and it was some of the best I ever got. Top notch.
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    Post Cycle Therapy

    This is exactly what I needed, what a blessing lol, getting ready to start my pct after two long years of running 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Newbie 26 years old NJ

    Hey guys, so I know started using gear pretty young and have been on for almost two years but finally coming off. Any suggestions on pct? I have stocked up on HCG and some nolvadex, how should I use my dosage due to running for that amount time consistently?