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    GC - Why go elsewhere -

    Will do!
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    GC - Why go elsewhere -

    Thanks man! Hopefully with your products, I can be very competitive maybe even win some medals in the masters division in a few years :)
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    GC - Why go elsewhere -

    This was my 2nd meet. Totaled 652.5KG l 1438.5lbs and I weighed in at 69.9kg l 213.6lbs. I am also over 35 years old, so I compete at the sub-masters level.
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    GC - Why go elsewhere -

    I just finished up a cycle leading into my powerlifting meet. So I am off for a bit till it's go time again.
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    GC - Why go elsewhere -

    I can't wait to start using GC. soon... soon.
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    PED Disclosure

    This was my concern, insurance finding out. Both medical and life insurance.
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    PED Disclosure

    When you guys go to the Doctor, do you disclose your PED use? Why or why not?
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    Glad to be here

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    Unorthodox pin locations

    Or wait around for 20 minutes for the pin to fill with .2ml of oil
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    D-Bol.....Used to be the Breakfast of Champions.....

    Arnold's physique was built off of Dbol and Primo. Also Dbol is a direct derivative of Test, so you don't have to take both at the same time. In fact you can take ~2x as much dbol as you need trt test as it aromatizes at about half the rate of test.
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    Domestic labs

    Used them multiple times for ancillary products.
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    Is Anadrol The Dark Horse Of Hair Safe Anabolics?

    It's going to work the same as any other... if you are predisposed to hair loss... it will exacerbate that.
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    Thoughts on Vascularity .....

    A lot of vascularity is also just genetics, you either have it or you don't.
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    BCAA or EEA - Which is better for you?

    Eat enough whole foods and you don't need either.
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    Tren Lethargy

    Sounds like you either need to drop your dose or just not use Tren. It isn't for everyone.
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    New Here

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    New here

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    New member