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    JuiceDaddy HPLC Lab Tests

    Could you do the test blends like 500, 400
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    GYMnTONIC Semaglutide

    whats your recommended way of running this compound wes?
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    📣 Introducing ASF35 for 🎉

    Love it. Come payday ill have to put in the big boy
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    Ok to eat cold cuts everyday?

    i mean if youre eating less calories than needed to maintain your current physique you can eat cold cuts.
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    Uncle Z Reopening in a few hours

    What kind of deals do you have for new customers?
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    Anavar side effect questions

    sorry to hear that man. It sucks not really knowing if what you have is legit. Best thing to do is move on to another reputable source and ask for some feedback on a thread. Juicedaddy has some great deals on anavar.
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    First order with juice

    Yes sir. I've been on & off gear since 19. Now 29. Used be more crazy with stuff but now all i need to grow quick is some test. Pinning every 10 days is the sweet spot for me. if you have GOOD undeconate you can even wait to pin every 15 days if you arent trying to compete and just look good.
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    First order with juice

    Love to hear that. I love anavar and i love tbol. Paired with the right nutrition and good ol test 500 its my hack to looking and feeling like a god. I need to stock up on proviron here soon. didnt even notice it
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    First order with juice

    biomed super test. i have a feeling it will be my new go to as long as juice keeps her stocked. Love that freakin blend.
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    will message
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    First order with juice

    my first order with this sponsor. Fantastic communication and GREAT prices with their current promo. I will be giving their anavar, tbol, and test 500 a good run soon. Cant wait for the td to follow up. Going to be running 10mg anavar 8 weeks 20-30mg tbol 4 weeks 500mg test every 10-12 days...
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    Order is placed. Just saying these are the best prices ive seen since before ol covid;)
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    gonna take advantage
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    never heard of it but ill follow along for some updates. Im currently brewing a cardarine supplement with Gw501516 + GW0742 + MK677.
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    MK677's effects on Blood Sugars (glucose) and Prolactin

    dang. that raise in igf is absolutely nuts. Must've been having some godly pumps
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    MK677's effects on Blood Sugars (glucose) and Prolactin

    Yes sir i get blood work done every 3-4 months. Got it done while in the middle of a 2 month run of it. No crazy raise in prolactin. But like i said its only 10mg spread out. I am very good with nutrition and knowing my body. Ill use the lowest dosage possible that works.
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    MK677's effects on Blood Sugars (glucose) and Prolactin

    Had you ever tried taking mk677 spread out? Monday Wednesday Friday for example. I never had issues running it that way. I would only run 10mg however
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    How would YOU run Semaglutide? (experienced users only pls)

    Whats going on fellas. Title is right to the point. How do YOU run Semaglutide? Length of taking, dosages, injection frequency. Do you experience any side effects? If so what were they? Thank you for giving your feedback.
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    🦴Bone Daddy🦴 Cologne at GYMnTONIC

    Wes can i get a price on the 50ml bonedaddy pheromone cologne or the Tommy Coolwater